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  1. Balcmeg

    Old Bengall in new suit

    This 200-year old Bengall (from Sheffield i believe) cleaned up great. It's hard to believe how nice the blade got with very little effort. Not so satisfied with the scales though. While I love the transparent deep purple, I still think a dark wood would have made it better justice! Looking...
  2. Balcmeg

    An "Impossible" Chinese and a Swede

    Unfortunately not! I don´t remember what I paid now, but I bought from a dealer in China and had to have it delivered to Friands in another Chinese city when I was visiting them. Seems they don't ship sharp objects over the border (but I had razors and knives sent to me from Sweden, Taiwan, US...
  3. Balcmeg

    An "Impossible" Chinese and a Swede

    I was being ironic - my the GD300 might not be my favorite straight - i reserve that spot for my swedish ones, but it sure has a spot in my rotation and It actually didn't give me any trouble when honing it. Only thing I could not stand was the scales which were too floppy IMHO.
  4. Balcmeg

    An "Impossible" Chinese and a Swede

    Honed up the Gustafsson today and had a shave above my expectations. It took an nice edge with minimal effort - not screaming sharp, but morre than enough. Easy to handle with a pleasant smile. This one is going into my rotation for sure. We all know that honing i Gold Dollar is useless, so I...
  5. Balcmeg

    An "Impossible" Chinese and a Swede

    My latest restores, A Gold Dollar 300 and an Gustafsson. Not as good as they could have been, but enough to let me shave! Wish I hade a better place to work than the kitchen sink and hand tools..
  6. Balcmeg

    Some straights prefer coticules?

    Normally i max out on the 5k until its more or less shining edge, then on the 8k and 15k I do about 20 laps each. On these razors I have been doing both that as well as many more laps trying to get that good edge. So, I dont think the number of laps on the Shaptons is an issue here.
  7. Balcmeg

    Some straights prefer coticules?

    Some of you might recognize this post for a sharpening forum, thought I should see what the Straight Razor community had to say as well. So, I have these couple of straights that defied my attempts of putting a nice edge on them with my Shapton Pro´s (220, 1k, 2k, 5k, 8k, 15k). Some days ago...
  8. Balcmeg

    Joop and Fahrenheit

    I loved Farenheit when it was released some 20 years ago - now even the thought of it gives me nightmares. Too much a product of its time i guess.
  9. Balcmeg

    Gold Dollar

    Actually, My #300 i bought was just to hone and shave, didn't need to do anything else with it! The #208 took some work with the dremel though. Not the best straight om my modest collection, but certainly not the worst. Probably qualifies with the top 40% or so! But, well since it is impossible...
  10. Balcmeg

    $71 later, 6 weeks on and still no stone.

    Ive ordered several times for Jarrod to hongkong and it usually shows up in about a week, never had any problem.
  11. Balcmeg

    How to identify scale materials (horn)

    Trying to remember, been some time now but definitely not rubber, bakelite, plastic or bone, I think it was as Jens (honed) suggested in a mail. Some kind of wood baked with tar.
  12. Balcmeg

    An interesting look at honing

    +10, very well put Jens!
  13. Balcmeg

    What does OVER-honing mean?

    When my shoulder starts to ache....
  14. Balcmeg

    Who Here Has Never Shaved With A Cartridge?

    I been using cartridge or electric both before, switched to DE but are now mainly a straight shaver. DE is only for travel or when i am in a rush.
  15. Balcmeg

    Alternative box for 7 day set

    I got the Alembicase, with suits me perfectly in this humid climate. But elegantly? Well probably not.
  16. Balcmeg

    Owning more than 1 safety razor?

    Im settling for three, but could survive with one. One for daily use (Gillette Old type ball end OC) One in my travel kit (Gillette Slim) One Cased red tip for nostalgic reasons - I played around a lot with those since both dada and granddad used them.
  17. Balcmeg

    Three Piece Suits, When did they go out of style?

    You got ahed of me with that comment - I have gotten so used to the waistcoat that I feel half dressed when I do not wear it nowadays.
  18. Balcmeg

    Three Piece Suits, When did they go out of style?

    According til Alan Flusser in "Dressing the man", the three piece suit first lost its importance in the 1920's when central heating became common. Then the wartime fabric rationing put the last nail in the waistcoats coffin. I still wear three-piece suits most part of the year. Hong Kong is...
  19. Balcmeg

    China Super Blue Blades

    Shanghaiese Gillette Blues are definitely good blades. I use them when I can't get my Feathers or Shark. Definitely better priced too! Doesn't hurt that I can get them in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as in Mainland China! I would not feel TOO bad if I only had to shave with those exclusively.
  20. Balcmeg

    A good catch in Sweden *restores*

    True that there is a lot of rust. Unfortunately, what is not shown in the picture is excessive hone wear and worst of all that someone had a go at the edge with a rough grinding wheel. The edge have now a wave shape with two valleys on each end, both of them going quite deep into the edge...
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