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  1. Beerhunter

    Old straight what should I do with it

    Gents, For a while now, I have wanted to get a straight razor but was somewhat reluctant. So today a buddy at work brought in in for me he knows I shave with a de and I have talked about using a straight. It be longed to his grand dad who was a barber for 50 years and retired in the 1970's...
  2. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    Hey fashion guys I need some manly fashion tips, I am turning 50. I want to look my age with ought looking old. Needing tips for both casual and dressy. I am just a reg joe so no business attire is necessary. I am 6' and 217 With broad shoulders any hints where I can shop on a budget or get...
  3. Beerhunter

    Would like some help in picking my next razor

    I am thinking of getting a new de razor my current fav razor is an asd1 with a OC base I get bbs shaves from it on a reg basis. The razors I am looking at are the webers arc dlc and the tradere. Do they pretty much shave the same way and the only difference being only aesthetic and basically...
  4. Beerhunter

    Beer information please

    I bought these glasses years ago decided to use one. Off and on since then I tried to find out information re: these glasses I was not successful at all. Could somebody please help me out? Thank you much.
  5. Beerhunter

    Thinking of getting a straight

    Let me ask a question I went from a disposable razor to a de the results were like the difference between night and day. Hitting on bbs constantly and enjoying the shave. I am thinking of getting a straight is there a difference between a de shave and a straight is it worth it going the extra...
  6. Beerhunter

    I am looking for help on sat/sun am lounge wear

    Stupid question as I would like to change up my weekend mornings. In the past has been my choice of polo boxers and a matching or contrasting oversized shirt but a nice shirt none the less. Are there better more refined options out there other than the pajama sets for men. Or should I just go...
  7. Beerhunter

    My last cheap disposable razor shave

    Background I have been wet shaving for about 7 months. I found a old unused cheapie wanted to compare the shaves between the two types of razors. Prep: face wash and scrub Soap: kmf cool mint (w/ the heat why not) Razor: cheap gillette throw away ASL: floid Blue It wasn't a good shave...
  8. Beerhunter

    Gatsby inspired clothes

    If I may post a site. I found this while looking at some mens fashions. I hope somebody would appreciate something from out of the ordinary...
  9. Beerhunter

    Please tell me about the finer points of whiskey:

    Hello gents: I have been mostly a straight liquor drinker for most of my life. (except martini or a screwdriver). Now that I am older and able to drink in a responsible fashion. It seems that whiskey is my drink of choice as of late. Could some of you more knowledgeable whiskey connoisseurs in...
  10. Beerhunter

    Just a random thought: Barbershop smell in the bathroom

    Nature is calling walked in and it doesn't smell girly anymore it's a mans bathroom:) Maybe I need to get one of these Al Bundy introduces the ferguson toilet. It's not just a toilet... a FERGUSON. The King of bowls! http://youtu.be/IL2YRDzpTL4
  11. Beerhunter

    Help me pick a new fountain pen

    I have a vintage Parker big red fountain pen. I am thinking of retiring it and buying a new version. Really being out of the pen collection/hobby for a while. I wonder what the reputation of a modern Parker fountain pen is? Or would I be better off buying a different model pen altogether? I...
  12. Beerhunter

    B&B logo stuff

    I have been de shaving for along time but i feel still feel new to the forum so I have no idea if this topic has been brought up and yes I know about the logo brush. While I was shaving today, I had to look for a towel and thought it I only had a towel not too big just to go around my shoulders...
  13. Beerhunter

    Military Dopp kit, DE users what do you store in yours?

    Greeting all male military Long story short my nephew has joined the army medical field( specifically) I would love to set him up In a DE based dopp kit. Is this a practical modern military option? If So men how do you DE using GI's fill in your kits? Thanks in advance for all your helpful hints.
  14. Beerhunter

    Found my next razor

    Good evening gents: except I didn't know what it is? Any help? So I am doing some shave history online find this pic What is the razor? How much are they? Are they worth the money
  15. Beerhunter

    Just a heads up for dog owners and new badger brush owners

    I got in my WCS brush order ( they rocked on my first order). Anyhoo I came home and opened up my brush left it open on the table and my yorkie tried to eat the brush, gf got to him be he got to the brush he went nuts until I could break it in. Just a warning to all new brush owners w/ dogs.
  16. Beerhunter

    Aftershave question

    Aftershave question Maybe you more experienced fragrance guys could help. I got a tube of green proraso. I really love it. And my only problem with it is that it's not as fragrant as i would have hoped for. would like to get a AS that would be the best complement to help carry the scent a...
  17. Beerhunter

    Grand paws beer glasses

    Gramps left me more than a couple of razors:)
  18. Beerhunter

    Lather help

    I hope you more experienced guys can help. I would like to try some new shave soaps and creams. What I currently have is the cheap VDH brush and using Williams soap. What I do to get a good lather is dunk my brush get it a good soaking. Add water in the mug w/ soap pour off water till I get it...
  19. Beerhunter

    Is there such thing as a spring/summer soap?

    I was thinking at work spring is about to hit my neck of the woods. I was thinking of changing soaps. My choice is between proraso eucalyptus & menthol or the speick. Am I over thinking the shave process. Wondering if there is such a thing as a soap that would be better in warmer weather vs...
  20. Beerhunter

    Glass of the day.

    Gents we have on this forum SOTD ect. May I propose the beer glass or glass of the day?
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