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  1. skibik

    New release is now available!

    +1 on this. You sent me a sample of the AS and I love the scent of Nor'Easter, so much so that I bought a regular sized bottle. I just never thought about purchasing it since it was menthol based but the scent is one of my favorites. I would definitely buy the cologne version of it. Have yet to...
  2. skibik

    No more buying razors.... Henson???

    Well, the website does say "The last razor you will ever buy"! :)
  3. skibik

    Favorite de blade vendor

    Gillette 7 o'Clock Permasharp, (other) Wilkinson Sword Classic and Feather. The first two are my top blades and I don't mind using Feather in some razors like the Tech and New OC.
  4. skibik

    To scrape or to swirl?

    I do this with all creams, croaps and hard(even triple milled soaps). Very rarely I put the brush to the soap now. I have 2 soaps go bad even though I let them dry out for at least 24 hours afterwards. I have not had a soap go bad since I adopted this method of scoop, scrape or carve soap and...
  5. skibik

    Ethos & Saponificio Varesino

    They are a little pricey but in my book they are number one. They are a very hard soap and you will get a lot of use from one puck. Felce is my favorite, I also have 70th Anniversary, Cosmo and the Asylum/SV Colonia. I haven't tried any of the Ethos soaps and will likely won't have a chance to...
  6. skibik

    about shaving cream

    I do the same thing for cleaning the bowl/brush. Only time it changes is when I use my knife to shave off thin strips of my hard soap and press it in the bottom of my bowl. I always carve off too much and have enough for 2-3 shaves, I don't even rinse my lather bowl. I just let the soap dry up...
  7. skibik

    Shaved Goatee

    I did the goatee for a lot of years and shortly after starting DE shaving 5 years ago I ended up hacking it off not because of lack of real estate but of getting skunk stripes or blotches of the dreaded grey/white. I normally keep a mustache but a couple times a year that gets hacked off as well...
  8. skibik

    about shaving cream

    Most of my soaps now whether hard, soft or cream I carve, scrape or scoop some out and put in the bottom of a lather bowl and whip up a lather. I have had a few soaps go rancid or bad so I don't like to get them wet with a brush if I can't help it. Just my preferred option on the way to do it...
  9. skibik

    The 'old' rabbit hole

    I have the SS, Slim and a FB and I prefer my Slim over the 3. I have had 3 Slims, first one ended up giving to a friend only because I found a re-plated one in rose gold in my birth year/quarter. The 3rd one I got in a lot from the auction that included a FB and 2 other razor. The Slim and one...
  10. skibik

    They Don’t Understand

    I don't really talk about this hobby to anyone other than my good friend and co-worker, but then there aren't that many care to or get along with enough to talk about shaving. I don't even remember how the conversation started but I got him started about 6 months after I started and he only...
  11. skibik

    They Don’t Understand

    Can I share your friends? I really don't need any more stuff but it would be a lot cheaper for me to have your kind of friends!:c1:
  12. skibik

    Any minimalists here? How far/close are you from that "Desert Island" set-up?

    I could say I was a minimalist when I started DE shaving 5 years ago and then I found this site, need I say more? I voted veteran but still a little of a hobbyist. I only have 3 brushes one of which I don't use. I have 8 DE razor and 2 Injector of which one I just acquired(Parker Adjustable...
  13. skibik

    Does anybody still use the 3Ts, Castle Forbes or Nancy Boy?

    The 3t's are nothing special. I have Trumper's Lime cream and it is a mediocre performer at best. It is kind of a feminine scent and the only reason I won't get rid of is because is smells like a scent/perfume my Mom used, maybe not the best scent for a man to use. Ditto on TOBS, had a hard puck...
  14. skibik

    Federal Cannon Ammo in Stock.

    I didn't know they made a Raging thirty, might have to look into one. I have a 30 carbine and it is a fun to shoot gun. I would guess they must be rare. I picked up my 454 about 8-10 years ago I think. Bought it used and got a real good deal, guessing the person trading it in didn't like the...
  15. skibik

    Clips, yes, for 45 Colt

    They do have them the last time I looked a few weeks ago but they are scarce in the listings. I was thinking about ordering up another and sent them an email if my paperwork was still on file but no reply.
  16. skibik

    Federal Cannon Ammo in Stock.

    I have a Taurus Raging Bull in 454 Casull and it is fun to shoot. I do shoot 45LC through it. I call it my 5 shot 6 shooter. I need to get beck to the range. Haven't done much for shooting in a couple years. I am not that good but fun trying to blow up gallon water jugs at 100 yards with open...
  17. skibik

    What's Wrong with This Picture??

    That reminds me of a brand new Colt 1911 Gov't Railgun I bought a 6-8 years back. I always wanted an original GI 1911 but could never seem to find one that didn't cost both arms and a leg. So I was in the local gun store looking at new 1911's and picked this gun, everything looked fine and I...
  18. skibik

    I am finally ready to admit it- I hate Williams Mug Soap!

    I greatly appreciate the offer, but will decline. There is something in the soap that is causing a reaction to my skin and if it is in the old formula as well then I wouldn't want to use it. I have had this reaction to a few other soaps out there, WSP soaps was one. K Shave Worx, I had the Grape...
  19. skibik

    I am finally ready to admit it- I hate Williams Mug Soap!

    Final shave today with this soap. It was a shave dedicated to my Dad, this was the soap he used, I used his Schick Injector. Today would have marked his 100th birthday so this is the reason I bought the soap and been doing my best to give a good try. I have now tossed it in the garbage. The soap...
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