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  1. azwetshaver

    FS Safety razors- Gillette Redtip, Game Changer .84, Mamba, Muhle R89

    Looking to sell a few DE razors. Prices include shipping Gillette Redtip with case- case has a few stress cracks. Razor is in excellent condition. A very small spot on top of the doors. Small enough it's very difficult to capture in pics. A tiny bit of original red paint missing on handle. $38...
  2. azwetshaver

    Wolfman prices

    I drifted away from DEs when I starting using straights. Recently I've been picking up my DEs more often. I regret trading away a Wolfman I had. I see BST prices and rarely see one under $500. That's too high for someone that occasionally uses a DE. If I'm blowing $500, it's going to be...
  3. azwetshaver

    DR Harris soap lot, Weber PH

    Price includes CONUS shipping Weber PH - $145 Paired with stainless steel Radio handle. No wavy blade issues (see pics). Not sure of the maker of the handle, possibly Razorock. The bottom unscrews if that helps identify it. Minor scratches on cap from normal use. DR Harris soap lot- $35 DRH...
  4. azwetshaver

    3 CL & LL sets

    Looking to sell these 3 sets as a lot. Just purchased from another forum but the scents aren't for me. Please see pics for amount remaining. Asking $57 shipped CONUS. Open to trades. I don't mind adding $$$$ to make things fair. Champs de Lavande- used, sold to me as new/unused, but as 2nd...
  5. azwetshaver

    FSOT Gillette Redtip, vintage Fuller brushes, MdC, Jabonman, AOS tallow

    Looking to move a few things. Prices include CONUS shipping. Gillette Redtip code B2 with case. Excellent condition. Original red paint is 100%. NOT a repaint. $48 Fuller brush restored with Omega 24mm boar- has two micro cracks that can be seen in pics. Handle was completely hollowed and...
  6. azwetshaver

    Simpson Tulip 3 Super badger- grey box era, Merkur 42C

    Relisting this Simpson brush. Purchased from this forum a few months ago. Simpson Tulip 3 Super Badger Grey box era. The brush will occasionally lose a hair during use. I would say about 30%-50% of shaves. Sometimes it loses a hair on two consecutive shaves. Sometimes it will go 8 shaves...
  7. azwetshaver

    Japanese software

    While using my Japanese Seto-Marujyu shave mug today, I question popped in mind. I've thought of this before, but never posted. Where are the Japanese softwares? I use a Japanese shave mug, have a Japanese Kanayama strop, haved used Japanese straight razors, they make Feather razors...... what...
  8. azwetshaver

    FSOT Simpson Tulip 3 Grey box, soap lot- you pick the soaps!!!

    I am reorganizing my closet and found yet another box of soaps. I really do not need 3 storage boxes of soaps. I would love to sell a soap lot. The issue with soap lots is, sometimes you get soaps you do not want. To remedy that, you get to pick the soaps that go in the box. Pay the shipping and...
  9. azwetshaver

    FS Koraat 8/8 , Filarmonica 14 1st Gen- both sold

    Looking to a sell a couple of straights. I can provide more pictures if needed. Asking $225 each shipped CONUS SOLD--Filarmonica 14- First generation. Original Bakelite scales. Measures 15/16 from spine to edge. Little to no honewear. To be honest, I can not see any honewear. SOLD--Koraat-...
  10. azwetshaver

    FS Tony Miller Heirloom Horsehide, Ikon B1 OSS head

    Looking to sell a couple items. Prices include CONUS shipping Tony Miller Heirloom Horsehide/Linen 2 1/2"- Lightly used. A few small marks where the blade bit the leather. They are towards the bottom and can be seen in the pictures. Being very critical of the condition of the strop when I...
  11. azwetshaver

    MTC kitchen Kanayama 30000 strop

    While browsing for strops I stumbled across this deal. To be clear, I have not purchased this strop or anything from this vendor. I do own a Kanayama 50000 and love it. To give a perspective, Aframes Tokyo sells the 30000 for $152. That's the lowest I know of. MTC is selling Kanayama 30000s for...
  12. azwetshaver

    Zenith boar B10 vs. B16 thoughts- looking for restoration knot

    I got suckered into another vintage Fuller brush. :out: I just love how the butterscotch and black handles look. This will be my 4th restoration using these handles. I thought about using a 3 band silvertip but had another idea come to mind. I restored one with a 24mm Omega boar knot. I am...
  13. azwetshaver

    FSOT TM Horsehide/Linen, Grooming Dept soaps

    Looking to sell a few items. Prices include CONUS shipping. Tony Miller Heirloom Horsehide/Linen 2-1/2 strop. Only blemish is small mark seen in pictures. Asking $85 shipped- open to trades for 3" strop w/ linen Grooming Dept lot. Ingress and Unscented- sold to me as new, but by the looks...
  14. azwetshaver

    PIF for Law Enforcement

    Offering a PIF in the General Discussion forum. Some fantastic soaps up for grabs. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/pif-for-law-enforcement-aos-tallow-vintage-williams.591608/
  15. azwetshaver

    PIF for Law Enforcement - AOS tallow & Vintage William's

    Taking a cue from @sarimento1 recent PIF for LE, I would like to offer another PIF for CONUS LE members. Up for grabs is a new/unused AOS Sandalwood tallow. This is the discontinued stuff made by Valobra. If you're not a fan of sandalwood scents, I will offer some Vintage William's. This is...
  16. azwetshaver

    FS Simpson Tulip 3 Super badger

    Offering a Simpson Tulip 3 Super. Used about 20x, no shedding issues. Presents as new. Thoroughly washed. Asking $120 shipped CONUS
  17. azwetshaver

    Simpson Tulip 3 Super

    Offering a Simpson Tulip 3 Super. Used about 20x, no shedding issues. Presents as new. Thoroughly washed. Asking $135 shipped CONUS ** shipped Friday 5/29 to allow for proper drying**
  18. azwetshaver

    Older brushes worth the price

    I have been on the lookout for a Rooney brush with a Heritage knot for some time now. The kind with a big bloom. I know someone who is offering one for trade, but I have some thoughts about it before offering a trade. Would you pay a premium price for a shave brush that is 10+ years old...
  19. azwetshaver

    Almost Valobra

    I am sure lovers of Valobra soaps are aware of the shortage and possible discontinuation of this fantastic shave soap. Months ago I saw a SOTD with a soap called Almost Valobra. After seeing this I scoured the internet but could not find any information about it. In hind sight, I should have...
  20. azwetshaver

    FSOT Gillette Redtip, NOS AOS Sandalwood tallow

    I hope everyone is doing well. Looking to move some items. Gillette Redtip- very good condition. $35 shipped NOS AOS Sandalwood tallow- as you can see I have a few of these. I love the performance but will probably tire of the scent before I finish these. Looking to trade for other...
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