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  1. Arthur

    New York Shaving Company

    I just got in an order I placed with them last week or so and decided to give it a spin tonight. In the shipment I received: Tonsorial Shaving Cream Elizabeth St Shaving Cream and 1 Mariner short handle safety razor. Tonight I chose the Tonsorial and loaded the Mariner with a Med Prep...
  2. Arthur

    Need a new stand.

    So as I've posted in other threads, I just received a brand new rose gold silvertip shaving brush from Mühle as a Valentines Day/Birthday gift and thanks to Dtwitch19 I have the rose gold r41 on the way. Now I need a new stand to display them. I looked at the Mühle site and they ALL look good...
  3. Arthur

    no more rose gold?

    Is the rose gold r41 gone forever? I just got the rose gold brush as a valentines/birthday gift and wanted to pick up the razor to match but it seems to be missing from the muhle website :cryin: Tell me it ain't so!
  4. Arthur

    Vie-Long question

    I just got a new Vie-Long Cachurro from Phil and Bullgoose and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a very nice looking brush and I got a beautiful lather off a brand new puck of Marlborough with it. My only issue with it is it felt a bit prickly (scritchy?). This is my first...
  5. Arthur

    Pre de Provence

    Just had my first shave with Pre de Provence this evening and found it to be.... underwhelming. To start with, I was a little worried about the fragrance straight out of the tin because it's quite strong, but it tone down into something nice in the mug. The lather, however, left a lot to be...
  6. Arthur

    Arthur Hall of Fame Entry

    Arthur Hall of Fame Entry ------------------------------------------------------------------- Username: Arthur What is your real name? Arthur What are your nicknames/aliases? Art, Arturo, Arturín, Guero Where do you live? Houston, TX What is your age (or) generation? 30 What are you in...
  7. Arthur

    Learning to Love It

    Or at least I hope so. Today I decided to start a little project. After spending all of last week getting to know and love my r41 (previously my least favorite razor I own due to noob), I've taken on the task of getting to know my second least favorite. The Merkur 12C. I hate this razor for...
  8. Arthur

    New Pics of My Den

    Aftershaves Whole Den Minus Creams/Soaps Brushes, Razors, Mugs Frags Semogue 2011 LE (just because!)
  9. Arthur

    Argh! Frustrated!

    So after a couple of weeks of really good shaves, I'm back to turning my neck into ground beef. For some reason, all of a sudden, I can't seem to get close enough without massive razor burn. Sunday - was a quick shave between work and work x-mas party, not counting this one because it was a...
  10. Arthur

    SBAD: Enablers wanted

    Background: I currently own 2 boars, one Omega and one Semogue, and 1 badger, the merkur barber pole brush. I used to have a kingsley but gave it to my dad. Now, having said all that. I'm looking to pick up a new badger, since variety is the spice of life after all. I'm really interested...
  11. Arthur

    La Toja Manantiales AS splash smells like Musgo?

    Is it just me or do LTM and Musgo Real smell almost exactly the same? After my shave, the other half said "ugh you used that mus-koh one didn't you, you know I hate that one."
  12. Arthur

    Semogue 830

    I recieved a new Semogue 830 this week and I'm having a hard time getting a good bowl lather with it. I can face lather with it no problem, but in the bowl it goes from too dry to runny in a split second. I have two badger brushes along with an Omega 10098 and I generally have good results...
  13. Arthur

    Why does my neck hate me, also 12c question

    There is a spot on my neck that seemingly no razor can touch. I never really noticed it before, but as I'm getting smoother and smoother in other areas I'm noticing the isolated rough patches more. I used to have a problem with my beard around my adam's apple, but that's not so much an issue...
  14. Arthur

    Hamburger Neck

    2 shaves in with my R41 and my cheeks feel great! My neck, however, feels like freshly ground hamburger. :sad: I tried to be as conscious as possible about blade angle and using no pressure but my neck is TO' UP and it's not even as smooth as it would be with my 38c. It's a beautiful razor...
  15. Arthur

    Want new razor, need advice.

    I've been wet shaving for a couple of years now, going back and forth between straights, various vintage gillettes, and a merkur barber pole. I'm in the mood for something new and was thinking about going for a DE that's a little more "grown up" than the barber pole. That being said, what...
  16. Arthur

    lost my mind

    Had my first shave with a straight today. Started off with Proraso Pre, then lathered up with some MWF and went to town with an over priced Dovo Best that I picked up at a local shop (lack of patience for shipping won over frugality). Not the smoothest shave I've had (didn't expect it to...
  17. Arthur

    Extra Badger?

    what in the world is extra badger? http://www.britishislesonline.com/cms/storeprod/Concord+Brush-+Extra+Badg,,1594.html?PHPSESSID=87964d5fd7350a2a33b7517d0e27e1e3
  18. Arthur

    2 GEM Razor score

    Got both of these babies for 10$ on teh bay. They're both in GREAT condition. REALLY clean. too bad I don't have any SEs here or I'd have to test one (or both) out. Any recommendations on SE razor blades?
  19. Arthur

    straight newb

    So I have a vintage straight coming form e-bay and it's probably not honed. I don't have a strop or a waterstone but I know I need to get both. The stickied guide on this forum was a little overwhelming for me (information overload), so I would really really appreciate it if you guys could...
  20. Arthur

    blade mileage

    Out of curiosity, how many shaves do most of you guys get out of a Gillette 7 o'clock (yellow box)?
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