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  1. Aerodyne

    Time to Buy a Camera

    So, I've decided to get into photography. I've been shopping around and am fairly certain I want to go with Canon, and that's about it. I originally learned on a Canon 10D, and, seeing their prices on the used market, I'm tempted to go with that or maybe a 20D. However, I also work at an...
  2. Aerodyne

    Booze for Butterscotch

    I finally bought an ice cream maker, and the results have been great! I started with Fergus Henderson's Bitter Chocolate, as well as a Blackberry sorbet using berries I picked near my apartment, and they were both splendid. However, after finding a butterscotch recipe through Ruhlman's blog, I...
  3. Aerodyne

    Just Signed Up

    Hey all, I found this site a few weeks back and, since my birthday was coming up, I decided to take the plunge. Since then, I've acquired a Merkur Futur, as well as a ton of free samples, thanks to some lurking on this site. At the moment, I'm using the above razor with the eShave sample pack...
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