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    Gifting a knife....edge care?

    I have a mora, wonderful knife but more camping than kitchen :) Plastic oxo knife is cool, never knew that was a thing. Spotted this, which looks like it accommodate a nakiri/santoku : Large Magnetic Guard for up to 260mm - Japanese Knife Company -...
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    Gifting a knife....edge care?

    plastic knife?
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    Gifting a knife....edge care?

    Thanks for all. I considered a decent knife gift a year or so ago and decided against it for much of what everyone has already mentioned. The current knife is ****, there may be one or two others that could hold an edge but they are heavily used by elderly family everyday and live in the...
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    Gifting a knife....edge care?

    saya! thank you
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    Gifting a knife....edge care?

    Planning to gift a knife to friend who spends a lot of time making salad with a blunt knife. A nigiri seems in the area but open to suggestions. My concern is storage & edge damage. Suspect I can pick up an acceptable upgrade for $50-$100 but none of them come with a what do you call it...
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    PS5 is in the house!

    I would like a shot of Demon Souls but it seems like a pretty big outlay for a decade old game that's been shined up a bit, don't see anything else of interest so far so will wait.
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    Norton and Shapton 4000 and 8000 Stones

    I really enjoyed working with the King 1K side on razors & knives. It's a good & forgiving stone with nice feedback and was fun to use. It needs frequent lapping but lapping is quick & easy. Suspect you may need more than a 2 min soak as it's a very thirsty stone....though you are correct to be...
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    iPhone 12

    I won't be buying....but are these things not often best left a little after launch? My friend has had to return the past 4 iphones bought at launch. Apple are good for returning stuff but with any new tech I'd prefer to see it in the wild for a while first.
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    Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums

    Yeah, it reads like they've eventually given up on rap music just going away.
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    Any Computer Enthusiast in the house?

    Always quite liked playing with them. The first I remember was a rubber keyed Spectrum 48k, first build was a 486 running MS-DOS. Running linux based systems for a good few years now. Next scheme is to retire an old server & laptop I'm using as a media centre and hopefully replace it all with...
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    Kombucha - Who’s drinkin’ it?

    Never enjoyed it, tried it quite a few times. Worth hunting down a local scoby to play with.
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    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Ren & Stimpy are back! ;-)

    Odd they make no mention of the last time, early 2000's, they tried to do this and failed spectacularly. Having Kricfalusi on board didn't help then. Best of luck to them but won't be holding my breath.
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    Music Streaming Service

    I've been playing with Spotify & Youtube music for a year or so. Youtube music seems to have a lot more content than I recall having access to with Google music. Whilst the catalogue has a decent variety, access to basically anything available on Youtube, the quality is often grim. Also as...
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    Why Hone Edge Leading?

    I tend towards Ray's method but Emmanuel's coticule method may be of interest:
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    Web Browsers: A Question About Information Leakage

    StartPage apparently give Google results without all the tailoring & tracking. https://www.startpage.com I've been using DuckDuckGo for a few years, if I want to search Startpage, Google or something else the !Bang feature is great: !sp search term !g search term !w search term !yt search term...
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    Lapping question

    Should be fine but you can go finer to 600 or so, a worn in piece of 320 grit can do a similar job. * or you can rub the stones of each other too
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    Do you still have the straight razor you learned to shave with?

    No. It was a nice wee genco but got lost.
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    Did you regret selling your first DE Razor?

    Are you sure it's too mild? I prefer a straight razor but the first razor I bought when I joined up was a beat up 1940's Superspeed and it's the only de I still have. Try the new thing before you consider selling the old thing.
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    Question about Yorkshire Tea sold in the US

    Scottish Blend, Tetley or Twinings might be worth a look. Popular UK teabags are generally grim, much better getting a variety pack of wonderful black tea from northern India.
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    Rethinking my Oily, Semi-Natural Progression. New hone suggestions?

    Shapton Pro 1.5k & 5k are a nice combo, all I've used for years before a natural finisher.
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