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  1. CongaJon

    Preserving W&B blade etching: How would you proceed?

    It's the last thing I need, but I couldn't pass up the beautiful etching on this blade! What degree of cleanup can I get away with and not disturb that etching? Maybe leave a soft-edged oval around it? What would you do? Thanks!
  2. CongaJon

    Slate scales II, a little fancier

    Round 2 with the slate. The original scales had a crack that really annoyed me, but I wanted to save the inlay. I copied the originals in slate and (crudely, because remember who you're dealing with!) inlaid a cutout of the fanciness. Poured a couple layers of epoxy and made a brass wedge. Now...
  3. CongaJon

    Dog vs. Razor

    He's always been very interested when I'm making new scales, but apparently even 150 year old horn is still tasty! I guess the lesson is to keep it out of reach. I just can't believe he would do that. But seriously, how in the heck can that be done with no bloodletting???
  4. CongaJon

    Filarmonica eBay find (I hope!)

    I never thought I would spring for one of these. Saw this on eBay for around 30 bucks and jumped! I noticed that almost all the other ones I looked at had an additional logo on the tang. I'm thinking that this one is old, but hopefully the real deal.
  5. CongaJon

    Cheesy Straight Display

    Finally finished my cheesy straight display. I used a mahogany cutting board from Groupon and epoxy. It just uses the threads on the pipe to rotate. I need to repaint the gas pipe, then I'll call it done!
  6. CongaJon

    Have you seen a Wostenholm like this one?

    I bought this on eBay because I really like the looks of it, it looks as though it will clean up nicely and it was cheap! Surprisingly, I cannot find any photos of blades that look like it. Most of them have thicker tangs and stabilizers. Did someone take a grinder to it, or is it just an...
  7. CongaJon

    First rescale... Slate

    After a few attempts at cleaning and polishing, I decided to have a go at scales. I saw an old piece of slate that has been kicking around and thought, why not? Several things came to mind, the most worriesome being stressors at the pivot point. Then I saw this nice Torrey on eBay and noticed...
  8. CongaJon

    Scale Material. Ivory?

    I'd really like a set of ivory scales too add to my modest collection. Knowing that many of you folks have some wicked eyes, is there any chance that these are ivory? Wish I had better pics, but this is what I have... THANKS!!!
  9. CongaJon

    My feeble Red Injun restoration/shortening

    Pruned it with a Dremel, hand sanded and polished with Dremel. Honed it with a coticule and fine lapping film. Far from perfect, but it's a pretty cool little fellow and I'm happy with it!
  10. CongaJon

    The finer the grits, the duller she gits! Coticule and lapping film.

    20190725_215939 by CongaJon posted Jul 25, 2019 at 10:28 PMI'm new at this honing business, but am giving it a shot. I have a "mystery" fine/coarse Norton oilstone, a small coticule and as of today some lapping film. Using the fine side of the mystery stone, I raise a burr (75 laps) on both...
  11. CongaJon

    Sheffield Cutlery Co. Straight Info?

    I just got this Sheffield Cutlery hollow ground for a good price, ostensibly to learn to hone on. I can't seem to find anything about that manufacturer! Does anyone have any idea of the approximate age? It just doesn't seem really old and I guess the $3.50 MSRP would bear that out. But then, it...
  12. CongaJon

    Head shave with OmniShaver and Viking's Blade non-lather cream

    I saw the OmniShaver on YouTube and took a chance. There don't seem to be a lot of "independent" reviews, which normally makes me nervous. For 24 bucks for the deluxe model, I gave it a try. It really works well! I can't speak to the longevity of it, but if it lasts a year I'll be most happy...
  13. CongaJon

    Nobody told me I would have to expand the bathroom!

    I know this is a paltry collection by Badger and Blade standards. I built a typically crude hanging shelf for my stuff, but it is full already! Gave the heirloom mug and Wade and Butcher's a nice display, at least. Paintflinger was kind enough to hone the straight for me, but I need to watch...
  14. CongaJon

    FINALLY... Found me one of those Regus Gold's!

    Is this a 40s Tech? Was $14 and looks to be in good shape, so I pulled the trigger. Being a Regus, I can't believe someone else didn't snag it!
  15. CongaJon

    What is up with these mugs???

    Say it ain't so! Am I to believe that our ancestors pursued an endeavor as manly as shaving by employing a mug such as this? This one was used by my Grandfather. I suspect it was just a cheap mug, but I cannot find any information on it. It was pretty cool to use it tonight, though!
  16. CongaJon

    Ideas for W&B's "For barbers use"

    Having recently found a honkin' straight razor in the cellar, I'm planning on at least cleaning it up and likely getting it honed. It seems to me to be in pretty good condition, with one crack in the scales where the blade hits. It was my grandfathers, so I don't want to strip it off all...
  17. CongaJon

    New guy here. Found a box in my cellar!

    And it contained this beast... I'm just getting started in this vintage shave stuff. It's amazing how many people are interested in it! Turns out my grandfather was a barber and unbeknownst to me this razor was tucked away in our cellar. I can't see myself shaving with it, but would like to...