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  1. Zoost

    WTB SV Mana di Sicilia

    Looking for either the soap in the brown/orange tin, OR just the empty tin itself (so I can by a of the soap for it)
  2. Zoost

    Meissner Tremonia

    Looking to try it and after some info. Two questions: 1) Soap or Paste (with reasons) 2) Favorite scents Thanks in advance.
  3. Zoost

    FS Grooming Dept Soaps

    Two to sell as a lot. GD Soap - used once. GD Verbrant - never used. (Please note the sticker/wrapping from the side is no longer on the tubs. They got wet, and came off!) Ill throw in the brand new/still wrapped puck of Haslinger Aloe Vera for free. $45 shipped for the lot.
  4. Zoost

    WTB Ever Ready Streamline 1st Gen

    I tried this a couple of months ago. Ill have another go :001_smile Desperately looking for a 1st Gen Ever Ready Streamline......the one on the left in the below picture with the larger gaps in the base plate and the filled in teeth on the comb. If anyone has one they want to part with, I will...
  5. Zoost

    FS Ever Ready Streamline & GEM MMOC

    First up, the Ever Ready Streamline. 1st generation strop set in brown bakelite box. All items in this set are in superb condition - especially the razor. The chrome plating is in near perfect condition! Its a beautiful set, I'm only selling it because I have 4 other Streamlines! My favorite...
  6. Zoost

    FS Schick Hydro-Magic, GEM Bullet Tip & GEM Damaskeene

    All three of these razors are in EXCELLENT condition. If you need more pictures, PM me. Selling separately at the indicated prices, however if you want all three Ill package them as a lot for $75 CONUS only. Payment by PayPal. 1. GEM Damaskeene. This incredibly smooth and efficient razor is...
  7. Zoost

    FS CRSW Morning Ghost soap and Phoenix Brush

    CONUS only. PayPal. Cold River Soap Works GLIDE Morning Ghost. Used once! $15 Shipped Phoenix "STARCRAFT" Shaving Brush - absolutely beautiful brush! USED ONCE. 53mm loft, 24mm knot. Retails for $14.95. Comes in original box. $10 shipped.
  8. Zoost

    WTB Ever Ready Streamline (Trade Also Possible)

    I'm on the lookout for the following Streamline razors: Ever Ready Streamline - 1st Generation (single Razor in art-deco Clamshell box) Ever Ready Streamline (1st or 2nd gen.) 'Ambassador' Set - (single razor in either the Green, Blue, Orange or White square box) Ever Ready Streamline 'Junior'...
  9. Zoost

    DIY Shave Sticks

    So, I have recently discovered shave sticks. And I love the concept - the ease of use, practicality and fun of using them to build the lather, from scratch on your face. LaToja is my favorite from the ones I have tried - I love just unscented or plain 'soapy' scented soaps. That being said - my...
  10. Zoost

    FS Small Den Sale - Gem's/Schick, Yaqi Tuxedo's and Soaps

    All prices include shipping CONUS only please. Payment via PayPal. Sorry about the reflections on the Junior and MMOC razor heads - they are just SO shiny :001_smile If you want more pics just message me. Schick Eversharp Hydro Magic Type I2 - case, razor and blade dispenser in absolutely...
  11. Zoost

    FSOT Grooming Dept/Wholly Kaw Soaps, GEM GBar, Schick Type I, Yaqi Tuxedo

    I'm desperate for Grooming Dept. VERBRANNT. Ill take as many tubs of it I can get my hands on. Ill buy it, or gladly trade any of the below items in exchange for it. The below items are also all for sale. I purchased all the tallow/lusso soaps from members on here for less than I'm offering...
  12. Zoost

    WTB Grooming Dept. Soaps

    Anyone willing to thin their den a little. Im looking specifically for: Incense & Rose Mallard Gelato After The Fire Tao Veritas Thanks all.
  13. Zoost

    FS RR Game Changer 0.68 & Vintage GEM's

    For Sale: RR Gamechanger on Halo handle with 0.68 blade gap. Used 5 times. Comes with leather case. $50 GEM Micromatic Clog Pruf. Great condition, super smooth mechanism. Comes in case (a little worn with age). $15 GEM Micromatic Bullet Tip (aka Flying wing). Great condition with super...
  14. Zoost

    FS PantaRei Pure Horn Estephan Shaving Brush

    Hiya All I have posted this before but was not successful, and this item is on a popular auction site (for the same price) but I would much rather sell it on here to a B&B member! This amazing brush is of course hand made in Sicily, its a 28mm knot in super soft Silvertip Badger with a 50mm...
  15. Zoost

    FS PantaRei Pure Horn Estephan Shaving Brush

    Parting ways with one of the best brushes I have ever used. I have made the move to synthetics, and this never gets used. This will hurt, but I want it to go to a home where it will get used. This absolutely stunning brush is of course hand made in Sicily, its a 28mm knot in super soft...
  16. Zoost

    Gem Blade Help

    After much research I took the plunge. I just purchased a Gem G Bar. I hope I made the right decision - I wanted something not to aggressive for my first SB razor and my move away from DE's. For reference, I like a milder razors anyways, RR Gamechanger being my favorite. If the G Bar is too...
  17. Zoost

    FS Aristocrat #16; SMN Cream; Zenith Manchurian; Soap Lot

    Here are some lovely items. All items CONUS only. Pricing covers PayPal fees and postage (I live in Alaska so shipping is a little more than the lower 48). 1) Aristocrat #16 set. Complete set in ABSOLUTELY PERFECT condition - razor, box and blade bank. The razor itself is in perfect working...
  18. Zoost

    New to SE Razors/Shaving. Help Me Choose.

    Hi All So, I shave religiously with a Gamechanger or my Gillette Aristocrat #16 DE razors. I love them but want to try SE razors. After some research (all the threads on here) I am going to narrow my choices down to 5 razors. Please give me all your expert advice - I need to know are they all...
  19. Zoost

    FS Charcoal Goods Lvl 2 (brass) Dual Comb & Zenith Manchurian Brush

    Two great products here for ya! 1) Charcoal Goods (lvl. 2 brass) Dual Comb razor on the Hammered Handle. I bought the razor head on BST from another member but bought the handle new from CG. Patina started on the head and little between the teeth on the OC side. A great, efficient and smooth...
  20. Zoost

    WTB RR Halo Handle

    Gamechangers available on Italian Barber but I had to buy one with the Barber Pole. Anyone have a spare Halo Handle they want to part with? Will pay well. I would also consider a straight trade, for the Barber Pole handle I don't want, or the only other item I have willing to part with - a tub...