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  1. SaltPeanuts

    Advice on beard trimmer

    Hi All, I need a beard trimmer to keep my beard tidy between hair cuts when the barber does it. I’ve never trimmed my beard so no idea what I need, however I keep the edges smart with my straight razor. My beard is currently a number 3 at the sides and number 5 at the front but that may well...
  2. SaltPeanuts

    Dropped razor damage

    Oops, when getting some things out of the bathroom cupboard I managed to knock my razor on to the floor, it was folded away at the time, but it still chipped. I’m looking for advice, could this be honed out or not, and if it can what will it mean for the razor long term? Thanks!
  3. SaltPeanuts

    How do I know I’ve stropped correctly?

    Hi All, I’m a newbie, had my first SR shave today, just stropped to prepare for next time, I generally think I did ok but did lift the whole blade off once or twice, also just the shape of the blade means sometimes it’s hard to know that the spine is definitely in contact (although I think it...
  4. SaltPeanuts

    Start of my straight razor journey

    Hi All, Had my first straight razor shave today, only trimming my beard, so neck and cheeks. Shave #1 Date: 13/10/18 Prep: Shower Soap: Tabac Brush: Vulfix 660 Medium Super Badger Razor: Vintage The Fisher Paul Kohl Solingen Post: Alum A/S: M&S Woodspice I don’t think I got my lather...
  5. SaltPeanuts

    ATG/South to North grip

    I was looking at the grips here, the main one for ATG looks comfortable, however for me the position of pinky and ring finger looks uncomfortable, I’d have thought that having them along with the middle finger would make more sense? How to hold a Straight Razor Main ATG grip...
  6. SaltPeanuts

    Advice for first SR shave

    Hi All, I acquired my first straight razor earlier this week and plan to use it to trim my beard this weekend, neck and cheeks, looking for some advice. First of all do I ideally need to switch hands depending on which side I’m shaving or should I just reach across? Secondly does anyone have...
  7. SaltPeanuts

    Newbie looking to buy first straight razor

    Hi All, I’ve been a lurker around these forums for years but have finally decided to register last week, I’ve been clean shaven all my life until recently and used a DE razor, although been wanting to try a straight razor for a long time. I currently have a beard for the first time in my life...
  8. SaltPeanuts

    Newbie looking for trimming advice

    Hi All, I’ve been a lurker around the Badger and Blade for a number of years and have always been clean shaven, but have finally decided to give the beard a go. Being growing it for nearly 4 weeks, and got it neatened up round the edges at the barbers recently. I want to keep it neat and was...