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  1. J

    Shapton 8k as a bevel setter

    Re-iterating, I usually think armatures should try what they have first. But not sure about 30k for bevel setting, just based on my reading this forum. Are pro does not have time to mess-around with slow equipment. Cheers- j
  2. J

    Shapton 8k as a bevel setter

    Some say yes, some say no. I say give it a try and let us know how it goes.
  3. J

    Live by the sword,...

    I would grind the bad part away. But then, I don't like throwing anything away.
  4. J

    RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    I used to watch boxing. He was good, as were the others mentioned above.
  5. J

    How Many Strops Do You Own?

    One razor strop.
  6. J

    Synthetic, how long...

    I was thinking of trimming off some of the ones in the center (they are way longer than the ones on the side), but forum people said I would not be happy if I did that. I may trim them yet. I am sure I will adapt, but still find the natural bristles easier to deal with.
  7. J

    Synthetic, how long...

    How does one wet the brush? I rub a stick on my beard. The use a wet brush. The synthetic brush drips a lot of water.
  8. J

    What do you use to clean and condition your strop?

    Or, maybe the dirt, as burried in the leather, helps the sharpening process.
  9. J

    May have made an uneducated choice

    I will almost always suggest trying to make do with what one has, at least initially and within reason. From the above posting, it seems that the Norton 4/8k is out of fashion these days. It was recommended often in the past on forums, I expect it would work for you. I have not used films...
  10. J

    First few shaves have not been great.

    I sympathize. It took me a while to learn. Sending razors out for sharpening did not help my situation. I do think my stropping improved over time. If you do not give up, I suspect that you will succeed.
  11. J

    Synthetic, how long...

    It would seem synthetic bristles would not be harmed by leaving soap in the brush for the next day. I have been rinsing, but perhaps that is wasteful. One person recommended rinsing, does anyone else have an opinion? I face lather with a stick, if that matters.
  12. J

    Synthetic, how long...

    Do people leave the soap in synthetic brushes after use, for the next day? I always rinced out natural brushes.
  13. J

    Synthetic, how long...

    How long does it take to get accustomed to a synthetic brush? My wonderful wife ordered something called big bruce, an it is sort of rounded. Packing did not refer to big bruce. Would not flat be better? Few bristles contact my face. So far I prefer naturals. Should one trim the bristles...
  14. J

    Spyderco experience

    I thought it might help the edge to use oil. I stopped sharpen when the oil started darkening. I am confident that oil is not going to damage the stone.
  15. J

    Going Straight. Help me sort out what I have and need.

    Fyi. I posted the spyderco rods result in the honing section.
  16. J

    Spyderco experience

    I hit my dull razor on a pair of Spyderco fine triangle rods, 12 laps. I put oil on the rods. The first shave was not good. Second shave was not good. The third shave was a-ok. For those that do not know, Sharpmaker has a holder that presents the rods like a narrow bench hone. I used...
  17. J

    Going Straight. Help me sort out what I have and need.

    I have used spyderco triangle rods on a razor. I don't recall how that worked out. I remember which razor, but I don't remember if it was the final stone used. I have a razor that needs honing, perhaps I should take one for the team and try the spyderco triangle rods and report back.
  18. J

    Going Straight. Help me sort out what I have and need.

    I believe you have all the stones you need. My intuition says that that the Spyderco could prove useful. You may wish to tell us how the Spyderco works on your razor, I am curious about this.
  19. J

    Suggestions for a rebarrel?

    I am curious, how much accuracy are you requiring, and for what purpose?
  20. J

    When do you buy a new soap?

    I buy soap when I run low on soap. I may buy a large quantity of one kind, so I need not bother shopping for a long time.
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