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  1. Omega_baby

    Custom Semogue?

    as an owner of the Semogue Caravela i can say it is a purchase you wont forget.... along with my Semogue owners club brush and my 2012 B&B LE... help me
  2. Omega_baby

    The 2012 B&B LE Brush. Discussion thread.

    54 arrived here in Perth today :D Will use it tonight
  3. Omega_baby

    I Have Your B&B LE Watch

    Im in :D
  4. Omega_baby

    Too rich for my wallet

    LOL its $36 to Australia!! how is your shipping so high -.-
  5. Omega_baby

    Shaving with cream cheese?

    How did you get away so lightly with this comment edski!! :001_tt2:
  6. Omega_baby

    Bone Handled Ever Ready

    Dude cant help with the bone...... but AWESOME! Is the thread bone as well?!
  7. Omega_baby

    October 2014 Acquisitions.

    Feather Razor Blades Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill D.R. Harris Bone Handled No. 3 Toothbrush Compact Wooden Nail Bristle Brush Bath House Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Shaving Soap Refill Istitut Karite Shaving Soap
  8. Omega_baby

    Invicta Men’s Vintage Collection Watch

    If only they would ship to australia. I wanted this http://orientwatchusa.com/mens/executive-watches/ev0s005w
  9. Omega_baby

    Introducing The B&B 2012 LE Brush. SOLD OUT!! See post #227

    Payment sent for TGN Knot. Cheers guys.
  10. Omega_baby

    Shaving pic from Korean War

    serious lather there :p He will rinse the razor in a puddle of water and "Orange"....
  11. Omega_baby

    Semogue Caravela - LE to the Extreme

    87 arrived here in Perth, Western Australia on friday. Brush is great, smell is no different from any other new brush. Break in period begins, but after 3 uses im already very happy with the purchase. BST-.....you wont be eating mine
  12. Omega_baby

    Semogue Caravela - LE to the Extreme

    I want mine now stop teasing!! still waiting in perth, worlds most isolated city :(
  13. Omega_baby

    Semogue Caravela - LE to the Extreme

    i didn't not give in........... "awaits postman"
  14. Omega_baby

    Am I wrong for wanting one of these?

    I get the feeling you have problems with Australian's? Dont care a less if you do but the comments were unnecessary to say the least.
  15. Omega_baby

    why we shave...

  16. Omega_baby

    "The Beard Question", The Medical And Surgical Reporter, 1861

    thanks for posting this, it was a good read :thumbup1: "fat boys" in the class cracked me up.... p.S- I plan to continue to torture my face daily
  17. Omega_baby

    why we shave...

    20 second clip I found on why we shave http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1cUGZwx6f0 followed by a clip showing the future of the shaving brand giants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gStI9ysPrhs
  18. Omega_baby

    How did you end up on here?

    Mantic himself... nuff said
  19. Omega_baby

    Burning cotton ball

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