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    FS Blackland Blackbird SB, polished with stand

    I only use my OC Blackbird, so I am letting my SB go. Polished Blackbird SB with 101mm handle and inkwell stand, excellent condition. I'd like to sell it quickly, so first $160 via Paypal goods gets it to your CONUS (only) mailbox in Blackland's original packaging (plus outer shipper).
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    FS Timeless .95 OC polished with titanium handle

    Excellent condition, superb Timeless .95 Open Comb, polished, smooth cap, Timeless Titanium handle - I just like my Blackbird better. Well cared for - I can't see any flaws (apart from fingerprints that I can see in the photo's now), but I did give it a solid 30 day period of shaving every...
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    1st DE shave: Timeless .95 OC

    Finally acquired my very first DE razor, a SS Timeless .95 OC base + smooth cap, on a Timeless Titanium handle (all polished). My first shave was a week ago today (Saturday) and I've shaved with it each day since. First day's shave, on 4 days growth, was with much trepidation, and after WTG...
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    Officers Match's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Shannon Young What are your nicknames/aliases? none Where do you live? Lancaster, Ohio What is your age (or) generation? 55 years old (born in 1964) What are you in the real world? Account Executive and Digital Production Manager of a commercial printing...
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    New in Ohio ready to dive into DE shaving

    Have not yet pulled the trigger, but considering a Razorock Ying/Yang as a starter DE. Or just dive in with a Mamba 70... I'm a blade nut as far as folding pocket knives go, (Chris Reeve, Hinderer, Shirogorov, etc) so I know how this tends to go... Shannon
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