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  1. J

    Simpson Centenary Edition Case and Berkeley Brushes Available...

    So tempting! I love my Case, and that Emerald handle is calling my name. But unless a Brinks truck spills it contents in front of me on my drive home, I'm gonna resist. My tax bracket does not allow me to buy multiples of the same brush, no matter how sexy the handle variation.
  2. J

    Safety razor convert, now obsessed

    Yes, you’re fine. I just remind myself that I can stop anytime I want.
  3. J

    Returning to Fountain Pens

    Thanks for all this helpful info—just the sort of feedback I was hoping for. Couple more follow up questions. Is it best to store pens nib up between uses? I would have thought nib down to keep it saturated with ink, but I guess if the liquids evaporate leaving solids behind that clogging will...
  4. J

    Safety razor convert, now obsessed

    I think you’ll find that not many of us are “obsessed” around here. Take me for example—I’ve gone almost a week without purchasing a razor. And I could probably, right off the top of my head, tell you close to half of the razors I’ve purchased in the last year, since it’s been well under 50. And...
  5. J

    Citrus splash?

    I like the initial scent of this, but the finish gets powdery, which isn’t my cup of tea. However I’m a big fan of Pinaud Lime Sec. Like many citrus scents, it doesn’t stick around long, but that’s not always a bad thing.
  6. J

    Citrus splash?

    This is my bar none absolute favorite soap scent (with performance to match), but the splash isn’t carried by any North American vendors, and overseas vendors can’t ship it stateside due to the alcohol content. Maggard recently stocked the two Officina Artigiana soaps, and says they may get the...
  7. J

    Returning to Fountain Pens

    I was a regular Fountain Pen user in high school and college, and I’m about to test the waters again, having ordered a Kaweco Sport and a couple of TWSBI’s. I was struggling with whether I’d use them enough to justify the purchase, but then came across the concept of bullet journaling, which...
  8. J

    Fountain pen questions from a less experienced user.

    Thanks folks. I’ve now got two different TWSBIs incoming—an Eco and a Go. To which of you enablers should I send the bill? I regularly used cheap fountain pens in high school and college, and have thought about getting back into them many times since.The only thing holding me back is how little...
  9. J

    Let's Cellabrate!

    I love the Bio cream in the tube, and have no irritation. But it does seem to dry in the tube, to the point where it's hard to squeeze it out, and where there are harder flecks within the cream. I'm hoping this was just one batch that well underhydrated, but regardless will probably move to...
  10. J

    Focus on Vintage DEs for 2 Weeks: 4/1 - 4/15

    Rating: 4.5 / 5 Razor: Gillette Tech — England, not sure of date Blade: Persona Med Prep Brush: Semogue 610 Lather: Theophile Berthon Aftershave: Pitralon Classic
  11. J

    Favorite Small Brush

    I love my Simpsons Berkeley 46 and my Semogue 610, but for me both of those are in the mid size category. Among what I consider small, the Simpsons Case reigns supreme. I also like the Omega Bigger Bambino and the Wee Scott.
  12. J

    Newly Made Soaps - Scoop or Tub?

    I do get great cushion as well as slickness with O. A., so hopefully a little adjustment will get you the same. I’m desperate to get my hands on the matching aftershave—currently unobtainable in North America until we can convince a retailer to import it.
  13. J

    Shane/Blackland Razors is the best

    I concur. I ordered the wrong Vector baseplate by mistake, and when I asked about exchanging it, Shane instead just sent the one I actually wanted at no charge, saying I could return either one, at his expense, after comparing them. In addition to the outstanding service, he has also designed...
  14. J

    Best Non-TTO Long Handle Razor?

    Wow, that's long. Most handle options I'm aware of top out at around 100mm in length. Is there anything that approaches 5"?
  15. J

    Newly Made Soaps - Scoop or Tub?

    Please report back on how you like the O. A. (if you haven’t already), and if you have more luck, or skill, than I do with fully lathering scooped croap. (Now there’s a phrase—“scooped croap”—with some subtly unpleasant connotations.)
  16. J

    Focus on Vintage DEs for 2 Weeks: 4/1 - 4/15

    I’ve only got a handful of vintage DEs, but this is a good opportunity to revisit them, as they too often languish while I try my recent acquisitions. Razor: Gillette Slim (1963?) Blade: Gillette Nacet Brush: Simpsons 57 Lather: Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional Aftershave: Ethos Melange...
  17. J

    Omega #10098 or #49?

    I was making the choice myself between the different large Omegas about a month ago. I went with the 20102 since I liked the look of the partial wood handle. It is an absolutely fantastic brush in every sense. I don't much care for Badger knots larger than 24mm, but the big boars are the way...
  18. J

    Newly Made Soaps - Scoop or Tub?

    After scooping my beloved and somewhat soft Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional again this morning, I decided it will be the last time. It's consistency is similar to Stirling, in my experience. I've wanted to scoop, and have asked about it here myself, in order to avoid incorporating extra...
  19. J

    Debating on trying the Veg.

    I decanted mine into a porcelain container. Definitely a positive move. :biggrin1:
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