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    February photo of the month

    Birds in flight
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    Thiers Issard , P. Hospital and company

    Thiers Issard - P. Hospital and company. - rare. I have two of these for sale. The other has a custom handle. Both are in brand new condition. The one below was used a few times. Shaving with a straight razor just isn't my thing. 375.00
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    Tatara one pass shave. Glass!

    You could do two passes, or even three passes. But why? I have moved on to one pass short stroke shaves with the Tatara. And it is glass smooth.
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    What life is all about.

    I set him on the counter and he crawled into my shave bowl. He's very little. He might even be a she. I can't tell yet. It's about 6 weeks old. I have 5 and they all look identical.10 blue eyes. As the world spins I lose track of what really means anything, at times. Tis an empty sole , he who...
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    Thiers-Issard - P. Hospital & Co. - Project Re-scale. - Progress to this point.

    As some of know know, I found two of the P. Hospital & Co. Straight razors , new in boxes. I did not care for the Green burl scales on one of them so decided to re-scale it. The original shape of the scales has been preserved. I call it - Nebula red magic. Still a ways to go, but this is the...
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    July photo contest - Sunrise or sunsets

    Since I won it for the month of June, I ended up carrying the torch for the July event. I figure everybody has access to sunrise and sunset. So it should be pretty easy for anyone to participate and capture an image. At least it sounds easy. It may be harder than you think to get THAT image. So...
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    Long Range.

    Muzzle brake machined by, me. Seamless
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    My Second Straight Razor.........Historic Le Grelot - P. Hospital&Co.

    I had a chance to purchase the brother to my first straight razor. Figured I would never find these brand new in boxes again, so I just went ahead and bit the bullet. Designation on the box - Without Mark Mirror- No plating, or inscription/engraving.....just mirror finish. Designation 188-GMAPB...
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    Got what I think is a better photo of my Le Grelot.

    Le Grelot P. Hospital&Co. Stabilized, Polish , red boxelder scales
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    The case for straight razors. History

    A straight razor is a razor with a blade that can fold into its handle. They are also called open razors and cut-throat razors. Although straight razors were once the principal method of manual shaving, they have been largely overshadowed by the safety razor, incorporating a disposable blade...
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    I did it! Shaved with a straight for the first time

    Turns out I'm a natural. Ambidextrous. Was able to use both hands like I been doing it all my life. Part of that is because I was a boxer and trained to fight southpaw and conventional and switched when needed or saw a technical flaw. Also trained to cast left handed for bass fishing. Write with...
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    Oh boy. I cannot use my new straight razor. This is not a Theirs Issard.

    As mentioned in another thread here, my new razor came in today. Brand new wrapped in paper, in its box with its suede pouch and instruction sets. Nowhere on this blade is it engraved Theirs-Issard. I believe that for my first razor I accidentally stepped off into the realm of collector pieces...
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    Theirs-Issard Historic Le Grelot has arrived

    It's beautiful. The spine work is really nice. It's sharp right out of its box, able to tree top arm hair easily. I have never held anything this sharp. I m mean it is sharp as hell. I'm afraid to try to shave with it. lol Man I was wrong about double edge blades being sharper than this. I...
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    I just bought my first straight razor, I may need a little advice if you wouldn't mind.

    Yes, after being in a discussion last week about straight razors, I started looking at some of the beautiful works of art found here. The more I looked, the more I wanted one for myself. I even made the comment that if I were ever to buy one that it would be a really nice one. And not the...
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    More beautiful than I could ever have hoped for..........

    I have been on a quest to find a unique shave bowl for nearly 6 months. I was in search of something one of a kind that can't be duplicated, when I ran across this. It arrived today and I was awe struck when I opened the box and held it for the first time. It fit my hand to perfection. Not too...
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    My journey with Double edge razors.

    This all started out for me as a way to get away from the expense of shaving. If you look at the numbers over the years of shaving, the money mounts up fairly large. I had shaved with nearly everything from cartridge razors, to electric shavers, and even my extremely sharp Behring made, high...
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    Out from her den

    Olympus OM-D E-m1x micro 4/3 at ISO 2500 40-150MM Mzuiko, and 1.4 teleconverter.
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    Discovery - The ticket to a perfect shave each and every time.

    I use a Tatara Nodachi. Along with a Norelco series 6000. The problem with electric shavers is that if used daily, the blades dull quickly. Within 6 weeks. They are expensive to replace. I use the Tatara wet shaving......and for the little spots that get missed, the Norelco comes right behind...
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    Lather Bowls - Lets see em.

    I have been on a quest to find something unique. Different from everything. Found this vintage old bowl - Agate Slag glass, super thick. Couldn't pass it up. Just ordered it.
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