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    FS Titanium Carbon .68

    Looking to sell my titanium carbon razor. It is the 2020 version. It is a pheonominal razor, but doesn't get enough use to justify keeping. I purchased it second hand blemished. It had some scuffs on the top cap and gouges on the under side of the top cap. I honestly think the gouges are...
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    FS Soap lots for sale

    Hello! Went through my soap collection and picked out all the soaps that don't get used much. I will not separate the lots. If you would like more detailed pictures of the soaps, shoot me a message and I'll send some over. Price includes tracked priority shipping CONUS only. PayPal G&S only. If...
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    Hello all! Awhile back I was generously PIF'd a GEM pushbutton and some blades. I've used it a handful of times, but don't find myself reaching for it often. I would like to continue on the favor and re-PIF it along with a new tub of proraso red. It has some scrape marks on the top of the soap...
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    FS A&E "The Undersea', DG "Tribute

    Looking to sell two of my lesser used sets. Both have been used one time. Price includes shipping CONUS. A&E "The Undersea" >95%. Retail is $46, asking $40. DG "Tribute" >95%. Retail is $40, asking $35. Take both sets for $55 shipped.
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    FS High end den clearance

    Hello! Looking to clear out some items from my den to make room (both physically and financially) for some new items. Shipping is included CONUS on all the razors. Soaps are $5 shipping unless you buy more than one. Take all the soaps/sets for $40 shipped. Blackbird combo $235 (msrp $305)...
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    FT Blackland Sabre L1, ATT G1

    Hello! Looking to trade my two razors for one DE. One is a machined finish Blackland Sabre level 1, and the other is an ATT G1 on an aftermarket hammered handle (not sure of the make) I purchased both of these used about a month ago and find them both to be too mild for my taste. The Sabre has...
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    FS RR Wunderbar

    Only have one item left from my den clearing! Take it at a reduced price. Razorback Wunderbar on a RR HD handle, excellent condition. $95 (retail $130)
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    AP Shave Co. Gelousy problems

    Hello all! I have a new brush that I've been having issues getting a good lather with. It's a wolf whiskers handle with a 24mm gelousy bulb knot. Peter set it a little under 54mm, but I've never measured. It just seems like I have trouble getting a good lather with it compared to my 24mm yaqi 2...
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    FS Lot for sale

    Clearing out some of my items that don't get the love they need. Add $5 for shipping on any single items or sets, free shipping for more than one item. There are some addons that I'll list at the end for free or cheap, but they need to be paired with another item. Razors: Razorock Wunderbar -...
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    WTB DG After the rain

    Looking to buy some DG after the rain soap (or set) in milksteak. I may entertain other scents in milksteak as well if you're looking to sell. I have already tried Y/R/P and Trismegistus and was not a fan.
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    Looking for something new PIF

    I've been meaning to PIF some items for awhile now, but wanted to wait until this quarantine somewhat subsided. I was generously PIF'd most of these items by @Steinmetzify awhile back now. This really allowed me to try a bunch of different razors and soaps while saving me some money. I've taken...
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    CG Level 3 first impressions

    Hello all! I picked up a level 3 SS Charcoal Goods razor a few weeks ago and have been shaving with it to get a good feel. I purchased it after owning a level 2 for some time and wanting something a little more efficient for the multiple day growth. I really wanted the maze handle due to...
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    FS H&S CO NO75

    Looking to sell my H&S CO NO75. This is the polished SS model. There is a slight "scratch" on the baseplate that is barely visible, shown in the pictures. Other than that, razor is in great shape. Looking for $175 shipped CONUS. Razor is clean and sterilized. Includes the cardboard box...
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    FS H&S CO NO75, Stainless Supply SE

    Clearing a few items out of my den that do not get used. The first item is an H&S CO NO75 in the polished finish. This razor is beautiful and very well made, but unfortunately does not work well for me. I bought it second hand about a month ago and have been using it exclusively. Always used...
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    FS Den clearing (Supply, DG, T&S)

    Hello all! Looking to sell some items that do not get used like they should. Shipping included CONUS. First set is from "Supply". It is the V2 SS matte black razor, matte black SS razor stand, shave settings, leather travel case, and approximately 7 injector blades. The razor is in great...
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    Blade Sharpener

    Found this in a junk drawer up at my cabin. Must have been my grandfather's. Pretty cool! Unfortunately not in the best shape. Might still work though, maybe I'll get the courage to try it on an old blade one of these days.
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    FSOT Declaration Grooming Y/R/P

    Just purchased this soap and splash from the shave bazaar on reddit and am not a fan of the scent. The soap was used approximately 10x and the splash 3x. I would guess the soap is around 90%. Would prefer to trade it for another declaration grooming set, because I want to try the brand, but...
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    Polished SS razor care

    Curious on how everyone cares for their polished SS razors! I always lightly dry them with a soft cotton towel and leave them apart to dry. If water marks start to develop (due to hard water) I'll use some polish and polish them with a soft cotton towel. Lately I've noticed some very small...
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    WTB RR Wunderbar

    Looking to buy a good condition RR Wunderbar.
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    WTB Blackbird SB baseplate

    Looking to buy a polished SB blackbird baseplate. Already have the open comb, but would like to try the SB.
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