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    FSOT Timeless and ATT razors

    Today I'm offering 2 very well known razors. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. I will put descriptions below and then put pictures in the separate posts after 1. ATT SSR1 head and Russian titanium handle - $180 I bought head directly from ATT brand new and used it just 5 times, never...
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    1957 Tech issue

    I just received 1957 C1 Gillette Tech from the seller on Ebay and as soon as I removed it from the box I found 2 issues. The handle was screwed in so tightly that I had to use a tool to unscrew it and found out that the thread on the top cap is not in the condition shown on the seller picture. I...
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    FT Various vintage Gillette for your English mid '50s closed comb Ball End Tech

    So I have the following user grade vintage Gillette : Prewar NDC USA Tech Prewar NDC UK Tech '40s SuperSpeed '50s SuperSpeed Fatboy, has a scratch on the adjustment ring but it is not affecting razor functionality What I'm looking for is mid '50s English Ball End closed comb Tech
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    FT Timeless Aluminum for Karve SB with B and C plates

    As title says I want to trade my Timeless Aluminum for Karve SB with B and C plates. I had four shaves with aluminum and found that it's aggressive for my sensitive skin so I want to try Karve. Not interested in OC plates or any other trades
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    Craving Shaving Duro knot

    So i read about Craving Shaving brushes here and just wanted to know if anyone has one with the Duro knot and can compare with other popular synthetic brushes from Yaqi, TurnNShave, ApShaveCo Any help will be much appreciated Oleg
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    Razorock Big Bruce Knot question

    As part of my search for the best synthetic brush for me I got Razorock Big Bruce 26mm brush and really love it but the handle, while comfortable to use, looks so simple and basic. I know there are many beautiful handles available so my question is which specific knot the Big Bruce has and if it...
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    FSOT Timeless Bronze .38 and SS .68 SC baseplate For your Ti. 68 SB base plate

    As the title says I want to trade my Timeless Bronze .38 razor for your Titanium .95 SB base plate If after a week it will be still available then I will be selling it and SS .68 baseplate for $160 including shipping and PayPal fees. I got the Bronze razor used from Ebay so some...
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    Ikon b1 open comb base plate compatibility

    Anyone owns both razorock GC .68-p and Ikon b1 open comb heads? Can you try razorock top cap and Ikon B1 open comb base plate to see if they fit? Any help appreciated Oleg
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    Parker Variant adjustable alternatives

    This morning I tried Parker Variant with GSB blade and got close irritation free shave with light blade feel and good audible feedback. But it is heavy and handle is a little short for my liking. I know Merkur Progress is lighter and available with longer handle but it has plastic adjustment...
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    Merkur 25c vs 41c

    Hi As the title says I am looking for comparisons between the two razors Search found nothing so i posting to see if anyone has both and can provide any information how they compare Thanks Oleg
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    FT Timeless Bronze OC baseplate for SB

    Hi As the title says I want to trade my Timeless Bronze OC .78 baseplate for your SB .38 baseplate. The OC is too aggressive for my sensitive skin Thanks
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    Merkur 25c vs Parker 26C

    I tried to search but was not successful so here is my question which one is more aggressive merkur 25c or Parker 26C? I tried 26c and found out that with 3 different blades it is mild enough for me with Derby Extra, to my surprise but not efficient enough to keep it so I want to find out if...
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    Moseto Silvertip vs Stirling Finest vs Parker Silvertip

    Hi Im relatively new here but not new to wet shaving. I keep learning a lot of new things here and finally reached the point where i found out that my current badger brush, while soft and giving me a lather I'm happy with but it is not retain heat well so I am looking for a new brush around $50...
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    Ikon X3 Slant Head and non Ikon handle

    After trying Putali Slant razor yesterday and getting great shave with no irritation on my sensitive skin with short hard facial hair I became even more interested in getting Ikon X3 Slant Head. Unfortunately their handles are 80 or 85 mm long so my question is which non Ikon handle will work...
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    Parker 26C vs Ikom B1 Deluxe

    Hi I'm not new to shaving with safety razors but just recently started using open comb ones. I have sensitive skin and very short hard facial hair. I have tried Muhle R41 which never should be used by people with sensitive skin, Fatip and Parker 26C which I really enjoyed with Derby Extra blade...
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