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    Group Buy Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS) "Bergamotto Neroli" 125g Shave soap

    If there are any who have a change of heart, or we can squeeze a jar or two more in the box, I would be interested!
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    Group Buy for TFS Bergamotto-Neroli?

    I'm interested as well.
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    Mama Bears?

    Placed an order with Mama Bear this past monday at 10:01 am - recieved shipping details at 10:18 am. Product was in hand in a mere 48 hrs. Awesome customer service and an even better product!!! Thanks Mama Bear!!
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    Feather AC users! Which do you like more, your DX, RG or SS?

    After reading all the reviews of the SS model (compared to the DX and RG), I am looking forward to the day it is more readily available (or one appears on the b/s/t)
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