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    First Shave with a Shavette

    So, Sunday just gone was my first shave with a shavette. Not a bad experience but i don't see how i could do a 2/3 pass with it YMMV though. The video is up and any advice ect would be greatly appreciated.
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    Review- Boots Own Brand Blades

    A Review and quick shave with Boots own brand blades. I am fairly certain that they are the same as an Israeli/Red Personna. Enjoy:
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    OSP Soaps appear to be Back Trading :)

    As the title suggests, Obsessive Soap Perfectionist seems to be back making and trading again. For us in the UK, this is particularly good news as OSP make some of the the best shaving soaps and scent combinations. Their website is back up and showing good stock levels too. Products - OSP In...
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    Back to the Beginning with a Review of Cella Soap

    So, this is almost a 2 part video; firstly a reminder to myself that going back to some of the first kit in your den can get amazing results even if it is 'basic' compared to new purchases and secondly, my first time and review of Cella shaving soap. Hope you enjoy.
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    Milan and a Shave

    Just back from Milan, here are a few thoughts and a quick before work shave, hope you enjoy.
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    My First Shave with an Open Comb

    Just as the title says, first time using an open comb DE razor. Felt very different to the closed comb's i've been using. I don't think i could use an open comb daily though obviously YMMV. Anyone use an open comb daily?
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    A New Brush, a New View

    So, I never realised how much a brush can change your opinion of a product or, that you could become so attached to a particular brush. I've experienced it with razors but this is the first time i've experienced a brush i never want to loose.
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    What would you have liked to known from the start?

    Having put together a video of my 'Do's and Don'ts' for those thinking about starting to use a DE Razor i wondered what advise do you have now that you would have given yourself/ others at the start?
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    Review of the Polsilver Super Iridium

    Just full shave review of the Polsilver blades. Sharp but no quite as smooth:
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    Review: Rumble 59 Abschaum Shaving Soap

    Here is a quick, full shave review of Abschaum Shaving Soap made by Rumble 59. I use their Pomade and it is really good with an amazing scent so this soap court my eye. Really lovely sea breeze sent and a close but slick shave. I would highly recommend it.
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    Hello from London

    Hello all, I've posted 2/3 times but i wanted to say hello and introduce myself properly. I started using a safety razor about 4 months ago and haven’t looked back since. This forum has been really helpful pointing me in the right direction. I’m based in a London, England and have been quite...
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    Shaving video

    Hi All, I have decided to start my own series of shaving videos, hoping to add another voice to the already amazing range of reviews on DE Razor Shaving. So here is the first of what will hopefully be many videos: Hope you enjoy. Regards David
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    Future and the like

    Evening all, I wanted to ask the community, are there people who simply do not get on with the Merkur Futur or similar copies? I have used both a Merkur and a Ming Shi 2000s and the head shape seems to make it impossible on my face to get a good angle, especially on my neck and under my nose...
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    Some Advice for someone quite new!

    Hello All, Been using this website for alot of information and its been a fantastic help. I've been using a DE for about 2 months now and am wondering about different razors and different technique. My original setup was a Merkur 33C with either Wilkinson or Gillette 7 o'clock yellow...
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