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  1. J

    Returning to Fountain Pens

    I was a regular Fountain Pen user in high school and college, and I’m about to test the waters again, having ordered a Kaweco Sport and a couple of TWSBI’s. I was struggling with whether I’d use them enough to justify the purchase, but then came across the concept of bullet journaling, which...
  2. J

    Mmmm...Sumptuous Leather!

    My favorite shaving scents are mostly citrus, and at the very top of my soap list is Officina Artigiana's Stay Traditional. Saw it recommended here and it's become my desert island lather, for the performance as well as the intoxicating smell. When placing the order, I decided to try their...
  3. J

    Sharpening clipper blades?

    I posted yesterday about getting a cheap cordless clipper to make outdoor haircuts more convenient than what I experience using my corded Oster Fast Feed. The Oster also needs some maintenance since it's about 20 years old and no longer cuts as well it used to. I got some excellent advice (as...
  4. J

    Decent cordless clippers?

    I've cut my own hair for the last 40 years or so, sometimes with scissors, but mostly clippers. For the last 20 years it's been with a pro-level Oster model, but I feel the blades are getting dull, and the guards have gotten loose to the point where the last two times I've used it a guard has...
  5. J

    WTB Empty MWF jar

    Anyone got a surplus Mitchell’s Wool Fat ceramic container w/ lid? I cheaped out when I bought a puck, not knowing if I’d like The Fat. But I now revere it and want it enshrined in its proper receptacle. Happy to cover conus postage and/or throw some nice DE blades or soap samples into the mix.
  6. J

    Hawk V3 blade choices?

    I just used my new RR Hawk V3 regular head for the first time yesterday, paired with a Kai Captain Titan Mild blade that had been used twice before in a Kai Kamisori razor. The shave was good, but milder than I expected. After 4+ passes I wasn't quite at BBS, though the shave was smooth and...
  7. J

    Traveling with a Kai Kamisori

    I recently picked up a Kai Captain kamisori and hope to take it with me on a week's vacation next month to get some serious practice time with it. I bought it off Amazon and it came with a nice leather pouch. But I'm wondering if there's best method to protect the blade during travel. Ideally...
  8. J

    Officina Artigiana soaps in the U.S.

    I was turned on the two Officina Artigiana soaps here on B&B and they've become favorites, with "Stay Traditional" being the one I'd choose above all others if I could only have one soap from here on out. I couldn't find them from any U.S. vendors when I got mine, but now see that both The...
  9. J

    Does anyone clean their shavette or Artist Club edge by stropping?

    I've just started using a Focus R28 Al Slim shavette, and I've got a Kai Captain arriving tomorrow. From prior (like 10 years ago) straight experience, I'm tempted to strop these on linen after each shave to clean and dry the edge. But searching B&B hasn't turned up much on this procedure...
  10. J

    Handle suggestions for the Colonial General?

    I've been researching SE AC razors lately, and it feels like I'm zeroing in on the current General model. They don't offer it with a handle at the moment, though their DE razor's handle, the Silversmith, will work. But I'm not sure I like that one aesthetically as much as a more traditional...
  11. J

    Proraso Blue: blue tube vs. white tube?

    I had a great shave this morning with Proraso Blue cream and went to look for an online picture to post. I'm finding images of both a blue tube and a white tube for the "Blue" (aka, "Protective") formulation. (Of course there's also Proraso White "Sensitive" that comes in a different white...
  12. J

    Loading from tub bad for a croap?

    I’ve seen a couple of comments lately that it’s better to scrape a small amount of croap into a lather bowl than to take a wet brush to the original container. One of these comments was from the originator of the Ethos brand. I believe the argument is that introducing water to the original...
  13. J

    Turning Clubman aftershave into something good for my skin

    I'm now in an aftershave phase of my shaving acquisition disorder. Back in high school and college, I was a fan of Chanel for Men and Eau Sauvage, even though I couldn't really afford them. But since that time I evolved into not only a "not a fragrance guy," but a "will never be a fragrance...
  14. J

    Favorite 1/2 DE blade for Focus Slim?

    Just got my first shavette today: a green aluminum Focus Slim. Any tips on what snapped half blade to start with? I have some experience with traditional straights, so I’m not too worried about shredding my face. But not sure whether to start with one of my DE favorites (Nacet, 7 O’clock...
  15. J

    Acquiring a Europe-only alcohol based aftershave in the US?

    I recently purchased the two Officina Artigiana shaving soaps and have been blown away by them. The "Stay Traditional," in particular, since it has the most heavenly citrus scent imaginable. It's truly mood altering stuff, and is by a long shot the best scent I've ever experienced. I can't...
  16. J

    Suckered by my own expectations

    Yesterday I finally received my Muhle R41 Twist. I ordered it on October 29th from Gifts&Care along with some European soaps and it sat for weeks in the Netherlands and then a week more in Chicago. No fault of the vendor, though. I'm not sure I'm an aggressive razor fan yet, but I'm trying to...
  17. J

    Blade ID

    I’ve got two tucks of these but can’t recall what they are. The only blade markings at arrows indicating which way to push them out of their case.
  18. J

    Which Gillette is this?

    Can’t recall where I obtained this, and not even sure the handle goes with the head. The only markings are “Trade Gillette Mark” in a flattened diamond and “Made in England” both on the bottom of the plate. What have I got?
  19. J

    C. O. Bigelow reformulated?

    With Proraso creams having apparently been reformulated, I’m wondering if anyone can confirm that the same has happened to C. O. Bigelow, which is by all accounts identical to Proraso Green. And if so, is there anything on the packaging to show it’s the new version?
  20. J

    Muhle Rocca R95 Birch Bark - Durability?

    After reading a bunch of reviews on the Muhle Roccas, including the teething pains of it taking 4 versions to get things right, I felt this was a razor I needed to try. Although I've got maybe 20 DEs, I don't think I own one that's got a stainless head, so that was part of the motivation. And...
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