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    Ariana & Evans Skin Essentials Skin Food & Nourishing Cream and Post Shave Serum

    I have been using these two products from.Ariana & Evans and frankly these are my two favourite products from them which has caused me to stock up on multiple units of them. The Skin food ad nourishing cream comes in a plastic jar with a grey coloured screw top lid. The cream itself is white...
  2. Z

    Seygus Zeppelin v2 Titanium 07/05

    The things that appeal to me in a razor are a fresh, original and distinctive aesthetic look and design, great functionality that combines comfort in shaving with efficiency, and a new inventive idea that it brings to life. The first two are easily found nowadays, sometimes in the same razor...
  3. Z

    If you want Charcoal Goods EveryDay Razor head in solid copper, pls post here!

    I have been in touch with Brian of Charcoal Goods and asking if he is keen on a run of the Evrery Day razor heads in solid copper. I asked him if he is ever releasing any every day razor heads jn copper but he was doubtful over it as he said that the stainless steel.and brass ones are far more...
  4. Z

    2020 Rocnel Sailor adjustable razor production model

    This is the latest Rocnel Sailor 2020 adjustable razor. It is similar to the 2020 sailor limited edition of which 4 prototypes were made and that has been featured on the forums. It is currently in its second batch of production that has just been shipped. It is made of 316L stainless steel. It...
  5. Z

    Ariana and Evan's the undersea

    I tried it for the first time and it certainly is the thickest shaving soap I have used. No complaints about its mechanical properties at all - it works vey well. The lather looks as if it is sour cream. My only complaint about this soap is the smell - it smells like mown grass to me and it...
  6. Z

    H & S PO76 & NO75 question

    I am interested in the NO75 or the PO76 in steel but am unsure which is best for me. As a result I have been bouncing back and forth between the no75 and PO76 and am undecided over which one I should get. I want a very efficient razor but one hat is supremely ild ans comfortable and smooth...
  7. Z

    Query about the Seygus Zeppelin

    I was curious about the stainless steel seygus zeppelin mild (05) and wondering if anybody owns his razor and uses it in their rotation. What is the performance in shaving like? Is it smooth and mild feeling? How efficient is it compared to a masamune or feather asd2 or pils or paradigm...
  8. Z

    Carbon CX-316L vs all stainless steel H & S NO75

    I am currently having a look at these two razors to consider as candidates for my choice for the made in usa razor. I canot try before I buy as I live abroad, so I need to get some advice from members here who have tried and used both. I also am trying to keep RAD in some kind of theoretical...
  9. Z

    WTB Near mint 2020 Paradigm diamondback

    Let me know if you are interested in selling your near mint 2020 paradigm diamondback razor with the original packaging.
  10. Z

    Hone 15 razor

    Itt has been overdue but I have postponed mentioning this razor as I had a steeper learning curve with t compared to ny other razors. It is the heaviest and most massive razor I have ever used bar none and I actually have not come across any dazor that is heavier on the forums. The only one...
  11. Z

    Is this blade alignment out ?

    I just received this razor. Would you consider this blade alignment to be acceptable? It looks like the cap is not aligned with the bottom plate... would such an issue create different aggressiveness from one end to another and increase the possibility of nicking oneself while shaving?
  12. Z

    Stand for large shaving brush of 28mm knot diameter

    I am posting to ask for some help in guiding me to any shaving brush stands for sale that can accommodate a larger brush of 28mm knot diameter. The ones that I have will not fit he neck of the brush. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Z

    Are Oumo Manchurian knot brushes as good as Simpson manchurian brushes?

    I wanted to get a manchurian badger brush but Simpson's prices were too much for my budget so I ordered a Oumo brush instead that claimed to have their manchurian knot which I believe is among their best grades. Is there any quality difference between the badger hair used between the Oumo and...
  14. Z

    Preventing artisanal soaps from going off

    I have previously been using mainly factory shaving soaps that have preservatives. I have ordered a few cans of artisanal soaps made by declaration grooming and ariana and Evans etc that are en route. I have been reading some posts of users saying their artisanal soaps have gone off s they lack...
  15. Z

    Best blade for you to use with the Tatara Masamune?

    I have been using a Feather razor blade that was supplied with the Masamune but I an not finding the razor very pleasant to use with it as it feels harsher than I am used to. I tend to think it is the feather blade that is causing this as I have not found the feather blades among my favourites...
  16. Z

    Best all round razor that is made in USA

    I have gotten an idea to have in my rotation an all international cast of razors, only one from each country that is known to have great makers of razors. I dont own a razor made in the States yet. Is there a consensus here on a short list of the best all round double edged razors that are...
  17. Z

    Similarity between scent profiles of B & M Vesper & WK Fougere Mania?

    I would like to ask concerning whether anyone has tried both of these brands of shaving soaps? As the B & M also contains a fougere component in their list of scent ingredients, I am wondering if it will smell like it is in the same family so to speak as the WK Fougere Mania? I can only get one...
  18. Z

    Newbie checking in here

    Hello I have first lurked here more than a few years ago when I first got interested in double edged razors and invested in an Edwin Jagger DE89 and various razor blades. I carried on wet shaving regularly since then until recently when I dropped my razor accidentally and the threaded post in...
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