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    Timeless Crown Titanium Handle

    If you have sensitive skin the difference will be very noticeable this is why I'm not using stainless steel handles
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    Viking Blade Emperor or Something else?

    It is Mid Aggressive and too heavy
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    Question for those that own Timeless and Rockwell razors.

    Yes you definitely should stop looking and just hit buy. I have somewhat sensitive skin and don't want a lot of blade feel. The feel of titanium will be completely different level and more comfortable. I used to use Rockwell 6C with setting 4 but Ti68 gives much more comfortable and closer...
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    Mamba .53 vs. Mamba .70 (Feather AS-D2 user)

    GC68 is mild but efficient. I prefer Karve SB-B and Homelike START .69 over it because they are smoother
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    Mamba .53 vs. Mamba .70 (Feather AS-D2 user)

    I don't have either of those but why not to consider GC68 or GC84?
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    Homelike TAIGA Adjustable Razor

    It takes at least 4 days to bed released by US customs and passed to USPS
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    Baikal DE razor at Homelike Shaving

    Yes it comes with 2 plates, one has settings 3 and 4, another 6 and 7 since they are most popular one
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    Help me decide on my next SS

    Get brass Karve
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    Homelike TAIGA Adjustable Razor

    I own an Ambassador as well and while it great razor, for me it is as good as Timeless Ti, Taiga has features no other adjustable razors have as much as I know. You can use either stainless steel or titanium handle and use either SB or OC baseplate. My only wish is that you can buy configuration...
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    Homelike TAIGA Adjustable Razor

    Sure very beautiful and great shaver, I have tried prototype, not final version, though
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    Nickel plated brass vs stainless

    As i said couple of posts above they are not plated
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    Nickel plated brass vs stainless

    Karve brass is not plated
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    TITANIUM Razors - Top Manufacturers

    Sorry my bad If you want entire razor or just a head look for Timeless Ti68 or Ti95
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    TITANIUM Razors - Top Manufacturers

    They are CNC machined and you can even ask for a custom lengths, just send a message
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    TITANIUM Razors - Top Manufacturers

    Tibam and Evgeny Koshelev on Ebay
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    Timeless Bronze

    For me it is more aggressive than Ti68 and SS68 scalloped, even if used with titanium handle
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    Timeless Bronze

    If you want more aggressive razor go for it
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    FSOT Timeless and ATT razors

    Happy upcoming New Year to everyone ATT Satin SSR1 head still available
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    Help choosing a Timeless Razor: Titanium vs. SS, Open Comb vs. Smooth Bar

    Since you are looking for less bulky head you should definitely consider Razorock GC68
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