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  1. J

    FS G-Shock GD-350 Digital watch

    G-Shock GD-350 $55 covers PayPal G&S and CONUS shipping. I put a fresh battery in this watch a couple weeks ago. It’s seen minimal wear that’s why I’m looking to move it on. It’s a great functioning watch with the vibration alarm. Slight scratch on bottom base plate, and slight mark on front...
  2. J

    FT Catie’s Bubbles (sample) and What the puck x2

    Looking to trade the following: - RazoRock What the Puck Blue Label (3 test lathers, 1 use) - RazoRock What the Puck Orange Sunrise (test lathered 5 times) did not shave with it. - Catie’s Bubbles Tonsorial Parlour 1 ounce sample size (test lathered 1) did not shave with it. What I am looking...
  3. J

    FT Semogue 1305

    I can’t seem to figure this brush out. Very soft tips and decent backbone. I won it in the 2020 Saint Sue Moore auction. Looking to trade for a synthetic, or a pre war fat handle tech. Synthetic Preference: Yaqi Tuxedo, RR 400 butterscotch handle with noir knot, Trafalgar T3. Conus only please...
  4. J

    1st time re-knotting a brush w/22mm SHD bulb

    I picked up the Maggard Bronze handle synthetic last year because I loved the look of the handle. The handle is/was great, but I was not a huge fan of the knot. So I figured I’d try re-knotting the handle. I started by cutting the bristles as low as I could. I made a heck of a mess in the...
  5. J

    Microwave mistake...

    So I read somewhere that if you sent a soap for a 4-8 second ride in the microwave that it could “zap” the EO/FO in the soap that might cause slight irritation. Well I was experiencing some of this slight irritation from a soap, but the performance and lather was too good to throw it out, so I...
  6. J

    What’d you get for Christmas/Holidays this year? Pics are great!

    Thought it’d be fun to have a thread to share/see what everyone got for Christmas/the holidays this year! Pictures are always fun to see!
  7. J

    Poll: Karve SS daily kit or RazoRock GC .68 & .84

    For those of you that have both/all of the above, which do you prefer and why? Razor quality differences? Quality of shave? Smoothness/Efficiency? One of these (the Karve kit or RR GC with both plates) is going to end up under the Christmas tree from my lovely wife this year. 🎄 🎁 She’s just...
  8. J

    FT Gillette Tech 1962 USA H2 Ball end handle, for Fat Handle Tech

    I’d like to trade my ball end tech for a fat handle tech. I purchased this in July off eBay and have used it less than 6 times. The razor is in great condition, with one small mark on top cap (see last 3 pictures). Let me know if you have a fat handle in similar condition that you’d like to trade.
  9. J

    Gillette Tech 1962 USA H2 Ball End

    Every time I use this razor I’m noticing that my cheeks are very tender, sensitive, red and hot. Albeit super BBS. I do my normal 3 pass shave wtg, xtg, atg, not sure what I am doing wrong. 🤷‍♂️ I’m sore it’s my technique, any suggestions? Thank you kindly for your time and advice!
  10. J

    FS 1965 K-1 Gillette Super Speed Flair Tip

    For your consideration a 1965 K-1 Gillette Super Speed Flair Tip. Plus a tuck of Astra SP Slight branding on underside and one side of head (pictured). Overall great working condition, Doors open and shut as they should. And close up is tight. Asking $15 shipped CONUS including PayPal fees...
  11. J

    Poll - FOCS vs GC .68SB vs GC .84SB

    I plan on acquiring all of these razors at some point. But, if you could only pick one, what would you choose? Comparing the FOCS and the SB baseplate versions of the Game Changers. If anyone has multiple or all three (and the additional GC baseplates) I’d love to read your comparisons! Thank...
  12. J

    Astra SP vs. Astra SS

    I’ve read so much about each of these blades. Figured I would finally test them out myself. Shave #1: SP left side SS right side Gillette Slim on setting 4 SP was smooth, however had more blade feel than SS. Seemed to fall behind on pass 1 & 2 however ended with a BBS finish on pass #3 it did...
  13. J

    Anyone have Experience with these two soaps?

    Captains Choice Venture Vs. Stirling Executive Man Anybody have both and want to share their thoughts? Are they similar in scent, what scent do you prefer, which performs better for you, etc.?? Thanks so much! I have CC Venture already, just wanted to see if anyone has experience with both that...
  14. J

    Declaration Grooming Samples?

    Anyone know where I could get some DG samples of Original and Trismegistus? Looking for the Milksteak base, and would like to try some samples before I drop $20-$22 a piece on them. If there isn’t anything out there I may just have to roll the dice. I’ve read nothing but great reviews about...
  15. J

    Thinking about a RazoRock Gamechanger .68P SB Super Knurl for my next razor

    My current go to is a DE89 head on a WCS Handle, I don’t like the length of the EJ lined handle. I also really enjoy my Gillette Tech and my Slim adjustable, although I don’t currently go over a 5-6 with it. From the reviews I’ve read I’m thinking this may be a good razor for my next purchase. I...
  16. J

    Grandfather left me this razor

    Hello all, I’m new to the B&B community. Everyone has been so helpful and the wealth of knowledge here is astounding! I could use some assistance in identifying this Gillette left to me by by grandfather. Date Code: L2 Made in England Thanks in advance, I haven’t been able to find one in my...
  17. J

    Newbie check-in aftershave question

    Just joined the community. I’m really enjoying all the discussions, leaning a lot. Any suggestions on a good readily accessible aftershave?
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