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    Funny shaving or non shaving story

    Post a story, especially if it is funny, about shaving or non shaving. A number of years ago I worked at UPS, I was a PT supervisor in charge of the sorters who sorted the packages to where they would get loaded into the package cars. This was on the Pre Load shift so we would start work at...
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    WTB PAA Starling V2

    If anyone has a PAA Starling V2 they are not wanting or using much I am looking to purchase one. I am wanting to gift it my brother. Thanks and have a great weekend.
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    Queen Charlotte Soap Cream Find

    I somehow picked up shave cream samples of Queen Charlotte, Monaco, and Rose Otto plus a sample of Cayman soap from someone somewhere down line a number of years ago. I actually thought I gave them to a friend of my brother soon after I received them. I was doing some cleaning yesterday and...
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    Anyone Else losing weight by taking Isagenix?

    If you haven't noticed I am a wrestling official, been an official for 30 years. The first picture is of me last year and the second is from this past weekend. While my wife was up visiting her family this summer she was introduced to Isagenix and she lost a bunch of weight while she was on her...
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    RIP Richard Matheson

    I heard this morning Richard Matheson passed away over the weekend. I loved all his work. His book I AM LEGEND was made into THREE different movies. My favorite was THe Omega Man with Charlton Hesston. Who else remembers seeing Duel on tv when it first came out, I was 6 but I still remember...
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    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    I have been a fan of their albums for years. I actually remember seeing Savatage back in the day. Anyway after not ever seeing any of their shows during Holiday time I spent the cash and getting ready to go see the 3pm show in Kansas City at the Sprint Center. Anyone else fans?
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    Don't make the same mistake I did.

    Monday my brother and I were off work and we went duck hunting. After being out about 2 hours we got our limit. We then went to his house and cleaned our ducks, after this I headed home. On the way I got a call from one of my co workers, they were supposed to go play golf but decided to go...
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    Myrsol ....... difference in the different scents?

    I personally own Agua Balsamica and the Lemon and love both of them. Everywhere I look each bottle is 32 USD so I am hesitant about doing a blind buy of the other scents. Has anyone had any experience with the others. I am guessing Formula K is mentholated and it might smell like Osage Rub. I am...
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    I Hate it when this happens.

    I work for the city I live in and I double up being the sign person and the signal light person. Since I am usually pretty busy I ask my family to not call during the work day unless it is important. I was working on a traffic signal 30 feet off the ground today in 20mph winds when my phone...
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    Anyone else here referee high school football

    I have been a HS football ref for almost 20 years, and my state is in the middle of the State Playoffs. Just wondering if anyone else was an official and if you have any funny/cool stories from being an official. This year I was working a freshman game as the white hat. The qb rolls left and...
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    Sometimes I wonder why I even try.

    Last night I was called out around 7pm to help with a water main break. I got home around midnight and took a shower and shave.After my shave I just put on Sea Breeze and hit the hay. SWMBO was already in bed. After I crawled into bed she says, " Hey baby whatever you're wearing smells great...
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    Anyone ever try this?

    I love using a sauna, but there is not one close to where I live. I wish we had something like this place in the Kansas City area. If there is please let me know. www.banya5.com/press.php
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    Prom 2011

    Getting ready to head off to Prom. SWMBO is a teacher at the local HS and she signs up every year to work to get extra cash and one of her best friends is in charge of prom. I get to valet park again this year and then I get to help "contol" the dance floor. Nothing stops the grind dancing more...
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    Concealed Carry Awkward Moments

    I know some of us have a concealed carry permit. Has anyone had an awkward moment while they had a weapon concealed? My brother is a detective for the police dept. he works for and is required by the police dept. to carry at all times. The whole family was at a restaurant for my parents 50th...
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    Wear Blue for Autism Awareness

    My sister is the Regional Chair Person for Autism Speaks here in KS,and I think NE & IA. April is Autism Awareness Month, and Autism Speaks is asking people to wear blue to show support. I have a sign in my front yard and have Blue "Christmas" Lights on my house. I am asking all who can and if...
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    Does Snow suck the intelligence out of peoples brains?

    Had a 3 inch snow last night with wind chills in the negative teens. Went to work this morning at 4am to push some snow. I get to drive one of the bigger trucks and work on the main thoroughfares of the fair city I live in. While driving tandem with another driver in the lead, he was about...
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    Aramis Shave-Plexx

    Aramis Shave-Plexx was in a brown tube. Did anyone else use this stuff in the 80's? Do they even still make this? I liked using it, but only on special occaisions due to the price. I think it had something that made my face a little numb. Did not really smell like Aramis but I liked using it.
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    Christmas Snownami 2010

    I work in the Street Maint. Div of Public Works of the city I live in. Last year I lived in my snow plow after we got hit with Snowmagedon starting on Christmas Eve. I do not know how the weather has been in any other areas but I hope all is well where you live. Just remember if you have to...
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    Wolverine 1,000 mile boots

    Anyone own a pair of these? I saw some yesterday in a store and really liked the look, but really wondered about the price. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried these boots.
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    Aqua Velva Lime

    Did Aqua Velva at one time make a lime scented AS? I am wanting to believe they did. Can someone tell me if I am right or wrong? I was thinking I saw a bottle in my dad's shave drawer a number of years ago.
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