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  1. J

    A PIF for comedians

    In honor of April fools day, I am putting together a PIF. I guess PIF is a polite word for saying I'm shipping someone a bunch of junk I dont want. All kidding aside, I went through my stuff, and I have put together what would make a really nice kit for someone starting out. There is a once...
  2. J

    The Houdini of aftershaves?

    So i bought a bottle of green Proraso aftershave after liking the cream. I splashed some on last night and was impressed with the scent, it was great! 10 seconds later the menthol kicked in. Woo! This is great. 20 seconds later. Poof. Disappeared. Gone. Gave it another try tonight, using a...
  3. J

    Variety is the spice of life, but how much is too much?

    So, I have been really enjoying my soaps lately. It is nice to have a variety to keep things interesting. Its nice having a variety that i can match to my mood too, as weird as that sounds. I must admit though, i have purchased about 6 different soaps in the past week. I ordered red and white...
  4. J

    Holy brush Batman!

    My order from West coast shaving FINALLY made it in today after being stuck at a terminal for a week. I needed a little extra to get free shipping, so i threw this two tone synthetic brush in the cart because it was on sale and my other synthetic is a not a very good brush. Well upon taking it...
  5. J

    Boar brush for Proraso cream?

    So im not sure if this belongs in the shaving cream or brush thread, so I'll stick it here. I have used exclusively hard soaps until this point, and recently a friend of mine suggested i give Proraso a try. I, admittedly, probably went overboard but i ordered a tub of white and red and a tube...
  6. J

    Any woodworkers out there?

    One of my favorite hobbies is woodworking. Any other woodworkers out there? Lets see some pictures of those projects! Here is a till I made to house some of my hand planes. Yes, i enjoy doing things the old fashioned way. This was built with zero power tools and even has dovetails!
  7. J

    Stem issues

    So last night I skipped running a wet pipe cleaner down my pipe, but i did use a little whiskey to clean the outside of the stem. This is the first time i have smoked and cleaned this pipe. Well it started to discolor and get kind of soft in spots. I let it dry and it firmed back up, but did i...
  8. J

    Cake build up

    So I have been at this a few months now, and I haven't noticed any of my pipes developing a cake build up. Is this something that takes years to achieve, or am I doing something wrong? I am assuming it takes a while to build, and will build depending on how often a pipe is used, but i was just...
  9. J

    Original containers for storing tobacco

    Are there any containers that tobacco originally comes in thats safe for longer term storage? I have moved my bulk from the plastic bags to mason jars but wasn't sure about tobacco that comes in packaging like tins or tubs. I have everything transferred to mason jars at the moment, but was...
  10. J

    Need to replace a brush in rotation.

    So i have a total of 3 brushes. One is a cheap Clubman Pinaud synthetic that came in a kit with some soap and aftershave. This one will become a travel brush. Its not great but its functional. The next is my pure badger. I cant remember the brand but it came from Amazon. I paid about $10 for...
  11. J

    Travel brush. Simpson S1 pure?

    I am looking for a smaller travel brush i can throw in my dopp kit to take to the cabin this summer. I am looking for something inexpensive and smaller in size. I do not own any Simpson products yet but have been wanting to try one. I figure this is the perfect opportunity! I want to believe...
  12. J

    Need a new bowl

    I have a cheap little stainless steel bowl im using right now. Its kind of deep and narrow, so trying to get a brush and fingers in it and to apply pressure to the brush. Im looking at a shaving scuttle, but wouldn't the lather get forced down the holes in the bowl? Or do you leave the soap in...
  13. J

    Working mans straight razor

    Im sure this topic has been beaten to death, so i apologize, but i am unsure of what to do. I am looking for an upgrade of the used straight razor and shavette I have been using. I have been using the shavette if i dont have time to dedicate to stropping before a shave. I am not looking for...
  14. J

    Tumbling a razor

    I have a tumbler i use to clean and polish brass shell casings before reloading. It is filled with corn cob media and i can toss a bunch of casings in it and plug it in and after a couple hours all the tarnish and powder residue is cleaned off. It basically vibrates and the media rubs against...
  15. J

    I tried carter hall. Maybe i got it too hot?

    So I found a pouch of Carter Hall locally and I decided to give it a shot based on the recommendations here. I picked up a MM cob pipe while i was at it too. It started off ok but after a while my garage started to smell like old cigarette smoke. It reminded me of when i was a kid I would...
  16. J

    Where to start

    Hello. I was lurking around the sticky threads and was going to put this in the hello thread but thought it may be a little to detailed. I accidentally ordered a subscription box online last year (long story) and instead of sending the box back i decided to keep it. Some of the things inside...
  17. J

    Lesson learned

    So I have been shaving with a straight for about a month now. In the beginning I did as much research and learning as i could before taking a blade to my face and for the first week and a half I shaved somewhat successful and avoided any cuts or knicks. Then one day i was in a little more of a...
  18. J


    So the tobacco from my local B&M comes in small plastic bags. I have 3 different varieties including one that is a cherry. I have been storing all my stuff in a cigar box until i have a more permanent solution. Well the other day i went to open up a bag that wasn't cherry and instantly got hit...
  19. J

    Weavers of Ireland

    I have been looking to get a flat cap and some other clothing like a jacket and vest. I recently stumbled across the Weavers of Ireland website. I have some Irish blood in me, so i thought it would be fitting to get at least one thing made in Ireland. Has anyone dealt with them before? I am...
  20. J

    Pipe cleaner confusion

    Hello everyone! I was reading the sticky about pipe cleaning and maintenance and it was mentioned that the author use 3 different types of pipe cleaners, but i didn't see an explanation of why and what order or where to use them. I admittedly only bought one type of pipe cleaner from the store...
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