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    Recommended blade for a 1930 Gillette NEW De Luxe?

    I recently acquired this 1930 NEW De Luxe Big Boy. I love the razor's feel and weight, but I'm still getting used to it -- it's my first open comb. I'd say it's pretty aggressive, yet very effective. I am finding it hard to avoid nicks and weepers, especially with XTG and ATG passes. It does...
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    Hello from new member

    Hi, I just switched to DE shaving after decades with Gillette cartridges. I have a Muhle R89 Twist razor, and I started with Wilkinson Sword Classic blades and Proraso Red shaving soap. In addition, I'm using a DIY pre-shave oil (with EV olive oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, and vitamin E oil), a...
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