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    I guard my information as much as I can. Do you?

    I went online today to download my credit card statement. Turns out before I could get it the company wanted a whole load of information. The wizard for collecting the info started by saying it was necessary. So just to get my statement, as I've done for years now, it is all of a sudden...
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    August Photo Challenge - Concrete

    TrimBeard and I put our heads together and came up with...Concrete. It sounds like the opposite of abstract, and you could do photos involving rock, stone, concrete, buildings, rocky landscapes, etc or however you interpret the word "concrete". You could even make concrete look abstract by the...
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    Anyone put a deposit on a Tesla model 3?

    So far about 230,000 people have put down a deposit on the Tesla 3 which won't even start delivery until late 2017 (if all goes well). Did any B and B members do this? I don't really care about the car itself one way or the other. What do you think of this whole deposit tactic? My take on it...
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    Finally Posting One

    I like to see all the photos other members post, but I haven't posted a picture myself. Time to change that! Here is one I took recently. Any comments positive or negative are welcome!
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