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    Happy to be here

    Welcome aboard! I have a bunch of blades I don't use anymore, so I can send you a small sampler of different brands if you want to try out some better ones. The Rockwell brand blades - at least the ones they sold a year or two ago - are some of the dullest blades on the market. It's not...
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    The Moment You Realized....

    My moment was when I realized I had enough lather and blades for at least two years' worth of shaves and I still have things on the AD list. And this was after making purchases with a decent amount of restraint. Had I bought everything I was eyeing, it probably would have been 6 times the...
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    Welcome, @livebrains

    Wow, way late to my own party! I didn't see the notification about a thread. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I've been wet shaving with de razors for about three months now. So far, my favorite blade and razor combo is a fat handle Tech with a Kai blade (with a Gillette Super Platinum...
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