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    What's up with the cheap DE rezors?

    I was perusing the listing on the 'bay for some new blade and I noticed a lot of razors in the $10-$15 range. I'm rockin' a Mercur 38c and loving it so I don't need another razor but hey, if I come across a good deal. I'm really just wondering if any of these inexpensive razors would be good to...
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    First it was the Man Cave, now it's the Temple Of Shave!

    In my minds eye, I can see it now. A sink with plenty of space on each side of the basin. A good sized mirror with lighting from the top & sides. A holder for a few razors with storage for the others in the collection and a holder for a couple/few shaving bruhes. How about two or three shaving...
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    Massive Bloodloss Averted

    Had my first shave with a Feather DE blade today and it was great. I've read that some say they don't like them because they get nicked a lot but I only got one small nick on the neck. One of those end of the stroke where we get careless kind of a thing. The razor I have is a Merkur and I've...
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    I guess they wonder why I smile, shake my head and walk away.

    When I happen to be in a store and pass by the men's shaving section, I'll often look at the price a multi-pack of the latest disposable cartridges think "Man for the price of a couple of those I can get a brush, some shave soap, some aftershave and a nice sampler pack of DE blades". :001_rolle
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    Where do all the old blades go?

    While working my way through a sampler pack and some donated blades I have and researching which new blades to try, a thought can to mind. What happens to all the old used up blades? Do they just end up in the landfill or is there some sort of recycling available?
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    Does aftershave change over time?

    While rooting around through some things I found an old bottle of Lagerfeld AS. By old I mean back from my bachelor days, over 20yrs ago. Naturally I splashed some on after my next shave. It still had the scent I remember and it felt good on my face but it had no burn. I've got to admit that...
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    Hi all! New here but getting my DE shave on for a few months now.

    I stopped by a week ago and it seems like a friendly place so I think I'll hang around a bit :001_cool: Last year just before "Mowvember", a friend gifted me a Merkur razor and some Gillette 7-oclock Super platinum blades. Prior to that, I'd been using Gillette Mach 3 & Fuzion razors. I couldn't...
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