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    Tom Ford tobacco oud or Creed BDP for black tie?

    Need some help with this one, looking to purchase one of the above for future events , what would you decide on? Cheers
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    Floris shaving soap

    Anyone using Floris soap ? If so is it worth purchasing cheers
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    Creed from Fragrance Direct UK

    Has anyone ordered creed from Fragrance direct uk its the place that stilll stocks Tabarome, but have got concerns it may be fake
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    Simpson Chubby 2 hair loss issues

    Owned two in the past both were shedding after a few months of using , but wonder if there are still issues as I would like to give this brush another try thank you
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    Help with identifying this Gillette

    Made in England, around the 70g mark. I dont have a clue what it is, help appreciated? Thank you
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    all beauty.com creed is it genuine?

    Selling creed at highly discounted prices, thinking of ordering , has anyone else dealt with the company as I'm worried they could be fake
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    Captains choice Bay rum

    anybody know how I can get some shipped to the UK? Many thanks
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    Help, Bois du Portugal or Royal Oud

    Went to buy BDP before the nice lady sugested I try this,( Royal Oud ) now up liking both , now left with one hard decision help me me decide many thanks.
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    chubb 2 losing hair

    For some reason my chubby is losing a lot of hair, a good 10 to 20 pieces each time I shave its only 8 months old, anyone else got the same problem, might contact simpsons
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    Castle forbes

    How does it compare to Trumpers/Aos/Truefitt seems to be getting good reviews, but is the cream/balm really that good?
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    Creed Royal Oud

    Quick question, whats the longevity of the above, I find other creeds don't last that long on me.
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    Creed Baie de Genièvre vs juniper sling

    Is the Creed simlar to Penhilgons Juniper Sling which I like but last about 2 hrs then the smell gone.
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    Parfums de Nicolaï new york

    Got good reviews in Basenotes,but wondering where I can get a sample from, can anybody help me many thanks.
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    A O S Sandalwood Shaving Cream

    Anybody know where I can purchase this from in the UK? this is a cream I want to try but don't think it is stocked here.
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    Trumpers spanish leather shaving cream

    Just tried the spanish leather shaving cream, now its my top cream, shame it wont in a tub but never mind.
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    Truefitt & Hill Aftershave classic Balm

    Hi fancy a change of afershave balm, so thinking of buying T &H hill classic balm, so looking for feedback, been using comfort balm but find it to thick, thank you.
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    Edwin Jagger balm with Truefitt shaving cream

    Just wondering, when deciding on a balm is it best use the same make shaving cream as well, because I dont realy get on with EJ shaving cream but love their Balm, I find trufitt comfort balm makes my face dry, but haven't used their classic balm.
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    English rocket 51 set

    I have a chance of getting a rocket 51, its is a razor I nothing about but wondering how it compares to a fatboy, many thanks
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    Gillette Aristocrat

    Hi on the the look for a Aristocrat, but stuck between the 22 and the 15, if posible could someone tell which is the best model of the two, many thanks.
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    TOBS Eton shaving cream highly recomended.

    Never used tobs before as I thought it cant be that good becase its a lot cheaper than the rest, what can I say but I highly recommend this it is good as Trumpers,Truefitt at half the price, the Eton is such a nice scent,so next time I go back up to Jermain st I will purchase some more.
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