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  1. borwish

    Are the Game Changer SB and Game Changer P the same thing?

    As the topic asks, are they the same with just too different ways of explaining which style.. The JAWs and OC are pretty evident. Are people using x SB for Safety Bar and the actual model being x-P ? Name change because of the added groove? I'm not talking .68 vs .84. Thanks in advance.
  2. borwish

    $7.05 Yaqi razors on Aliexpress from Yaqi Factory Store

    $7.05 Yaqi razors on Aliexpress from Yaqi Factory Store. I don't know the rules about posting links, but you should be able to find it easy enough. I like my SLOC which many say has a Yaqi head. They have a chrome and black available at that price. At less than 8 bucks shipped I don't mind...
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