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  1. Gray Wolf

    Injector blades

    I've been using a Schick Injector lately, but I'm getting low on blades. Where do you Gents buy yours?
  2. Gray Wolf


    1. A GEM Micromatic single edge razor. No blades, but they're available at Wal-mart 2. A shaving mug with a puck of Van Der Hagen soap 3. A bottle of Avon Spicy after shave (Must be CONUS for this) No fancy rules, first response gets first choice, it's just a small way of saying thanks for...
  3. Gray Wolf

    The nib on my Waterman broke today.

    I really like that pen, my only fountain pen that is not part of a desk set, and the nib broke today. It looks like I'll be back in touch with Sam at Pendemonium again!
  4. Gray Wolf

    The "I'm moving into an RV" PIF for Inky Fellows and Ladies

    Not necessarily in order, there is a full 4 oz. bottle of ink with no label, blue, indigo or violet,the one with no label has been taken. Carter's Mountain Violet the Carter's has been taken.and Noodler's brown inks, about 40% full,someone has spoken for the Noodler's brown ink. and a 2 oz...
  5. Gray Wolf

    The "I'm moving into an RV" PIF

    I enjoy being part of the fine folks here at B&B, so I would like to give a little something to our community. Due to the cost of shipping, I'm going to have to limit this PIF to CONUS only. Not in any sort of order, but there is a small Barbakene razor blade hone with a small chip out of the...
  6. Gray Wolf

    Is anyone interested in exchanging some ink?

    This thread may belong in the BST area. I have a full 3 Oz. bottle of Noodler's eternal black ink, a full 1 Oz. bottle of Noodler's bulletproof red, and about 1 Oz. left in a 3 Oz. bottle of Noodler's brown ink. (stamp pad project didn't work.) Also a vintage 4 Oz. bottle of violet ink with no...
  7. Gray Wolf

    Anyone want some badger hair?

    My neighbor has just gotten himself a fresh road kill badger and offered me the hair from the hide!
  8. Gray Wolf

    "You made the house smell good"

    That's what my wife told me after my last shave. I worked up a good lather with C&E Sienna soap and did a 3 pass shave with one of my my favorite blades, a Shark Super Chrome in a black handled Super Speed. Followed it up with a splash of vintage OS, and got a complement on how the house...
  9. Gray Wolf

    "Your Car Smells Like Cinnamon!"

    I was picking up the mail yesterday. I parked the car at the row of mailboxes, and walked up to mine. A lady was there getting her mail too, and as I walked up, she looked at me and said "Your car smells like cinnamon!" I probably should have told her that it was really the Pinaud Bay Rum...
  10. Gray Wolf

    I brought a young one from the dark to the light today!

    We had a firewood splitting party at a friend's house this morning, and I noticed a young man there that needed a shave. When we took a break, I told him "Eric, you didn't stand close enough to your razor today". When we finished splitting wood, I told his parents that I was going to teach him...
  11. Gray Wolf

    Two PIF's for vintage DE razor blade collectors

    A box with a dozen Star DE blades, and a small box with 6 PAL hollow ground DE blades. Free to the first two gents responding with a PM. Naturally, the first response gets the first choice.
  12. Gray Wolf

    A PIF for the vintage SE Gents

    A vintage package of GEM SE blades, appears to have about a dozen left in the dispenser, to the first gent sending me a PM asking for them.
  13. Gray Wolf

    PIF for gents collecting vintage SE blades

    I have 3 vintage NU-Steel Super Blades, I'll cover postage, 1 each to the first 3 guys asking for them.
  14. Gray Wolf

    PIF for gents collecting vintage DE blades

    I have several Star and Pal hollow ground DE blades, 1 Childs', 1 Take Off, and 1 Crescent, just send me a PM, I'll cover postage.
  15. Gray Wolf

    Ok, I'm confused now!

    On the left, in gold I see a Fat Handle Tech, and a Ball End Tech. On the right, in silver, I see the same handles, but what are these razors with TEETH?
  16. Gray Wolf

    What razors belong in these empty cases?

    Usually the question is "what is this razor?" This time, I would like to know what razors belong in these cases? I seem to have picked up a few cases that had the wrong razors in them. I suspect that often when guys got a new razor, they put the old one into the case the new one was in...
  17. Gray Wolf

    I need education!

    I was recently gifted a couple of shave sticks by a fine B&B member in Scotland. I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't a clue about how to use them! I am hoping that someone here will cure my abysmal ignorance!
  18. Gray Wolf

    Beauty is only skin deep? Here's proof!

    I found this ugly looking razor at an antique store a few days ago. It didn't clean up well for me, and it's fairly heavy, but I had to give it a try, and it gave me the best shave that I've had in a while! And that was with generic Wal-Mart blades! Now I need help from the august body of...
  19. Gray Wolf

    My wife does NOT pinch pennies....

    My wife does not pinch pennies, but she has been known to squeeze a dime until it begs for mercy! I got one of my best shaves today with a Gillette Tech and a Derby Extra blade. Then I got one of those light bulb goes off in the head ideas. While my wife was admiring the shave, I showed her...
  20. Gray Wolf

    Zorrik blades-Now I understand!

    I saw some on the 'bay, 1 cent per 100! (Plus $7.50 for shipping) I had one to try, thanks to another fine B&B member. I didn't even get ONE shave out of it! NOW I UNDERSTAND!
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