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  1. vacman

    I'm shocked! No threads on hair restoration!

    I understand that this is a shaving forum and that means hair removal, BUT, haven't any of you attempted to restore your receeding hairline? There are chemical solutions being promoted out there which I tried a long time agom and they didn't work for me, plus they have the downside that you must...
  2. vacman

    Semiautomatic holsters

    Just wondering if anyone else has an issue with today's holsters. I now know why cowboys had a gun belt in addition to the belts which held their jeans up....quick and comfortable draw from the hip. I have some shoulder problems and virtually every holster I've seen for my 9mm Canik has the grip...
  3. vacman

    Cartridge vs injector razors

    To my mind, the injector razor pioneered by Schick was the inspiration for the cartridge razor. Injector razors are lightweight and allow for easy blade changing without ever touching the blade. The heads are even smaller than the current crop of cartridges so they allow for easy trimming around...
  4. vacman


    I read how most members have a rotation of razors, soaps, blades, etc. What puzzles me is why? I find a difference from one product to another and once I've found the combination which gives me the best results, I don't understand why I would settle for less by rotating a lesser performing item...
  5. vacman

    Stahly vs Merkur Progress

    I began shaving with a DE Gillette using Gillette Blue Blades back the in old days (I'm 73). Always found the shave a bit rough so the styptic pencil was always within easy reach. Then, my Uncle introduced me to Wilkinson Super Sword Edge blades, made in England, and only available in hardware...
  6. vacman

    Thanks for all this information

    Once Upon a Time.....I began shaving with a DE Gillette razor. I had a Gillette adjustable in its day and bought a Stahly. I loved the Stahly, but the spring went so I switched to the first Gillette cartridge razor. Been using the latest and greatest Gillette cartridge razor all this time...
  7. vacman

    vacman's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? George What are your nicknames/aliases? Vacman Where do you live? Cadillac, MI What is your age (or) generation? 73 What are you in the real world? Small business owner & retiree What is your favorite shave setup? Stahly DE razor, Kiss my Face...
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