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  1. MTG Jr

    WTB Timeless Ti .68 Baseplate

    I’m looking to buy a Timeless polished Titanium .68 baseplate, either scalloped or solid bar. I own the .95 and would like to add the .68 option to my arsenal. Thanks!
  2. MTG Jr

    FS Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB Head Only and WRA1 Stand

    I’ve decided my WR2 1.15 and 1.25 heads are just too similar to justify owning both. I am offering the 1.15 head-only (cap and baseplate), featuring the basic polish and purchased about a year ago directly from WR/JD. The WRA1 stand is just a few weeks old, as it came with my newly-acquired...
  3. MTG Jr

    FS Wolfman Handle WRH2

    My favorite Wolfman handle style, the WRH2. Decided to keep my hollow H2 and sell this solid 90mm (standard) WRH2 in perfect, like-new condition. Has the basic polish finish. $155 shipped to CONUS.
  4. MTG Jr

    FS Timeless Titanium SLIM Edition Baseplate

    This is the new SLIM baseplate from Timeless. It‘s the solid bar plate in polished Titanium, which retails for $130. I purchased it brand new and used it once, with the nylon washer. It is in like new condition. For me, it just isn’t any better than my Ti .95, the larger profile of which doesn’t...
  5. MTG Jr

    FS Timeless Complete Polished SS 0.68 Razor Set w/Stand MINT

    This is a beautiful polished stainless steel Timeless razor and stand, featuring a 0.68 scalloped baseplate, smooth top cap, dimpled handle, and stand.....all in mint condition and purchased by me as a first quality set (no scratch & dent). Very lightly used, and has been cleaned and...
  6. MTG Jr

    WTB Wolfman WRH2 90mm Hollow Handle

    I’m looking to buy a HOLLOW WRH2 standard length (90mm) handle in Basic/Polished finish. I could also be willing to trade the solid version of the same handle, in mint condition, for the hollow one. Thanks.
  7. MTG Jr

    FS Blackland Blackbird Black Oxide

    My Blackland Blackbird SB in Black Oxide with the long handle (101mm) is still for sale. The black oxide finish is currently unavailable from Blackland. Comes with box, as pictured. Asking $160 shipped to CONUS.
  8. MTG Jr

    FS Timeless SS .95 Solid Bar Baseplate / Black Oxide Blackbird

    Timeless SS .95 solid bar polished baseplate for sale. Excellent condition. I’m asking $35 below the new retail price and $10 below the scratch & dent price. This plate was bought as first quality (not S&D). $60 shipped to CONUS. By the way, my Blackland Blackbird SB in Black Oxide with the...
  9. MTG Jr

    FS Blackland Blackbird SB in Black Oxide

    Selling my Blackland Blackbird SB in Black Oxide with the long handle (101mm). The black oxide finish is currently unavailable from Blackland. Comes with box, as pictured. Asking $185 shipped to CONUS.
  10. MTG Jr

    WTB Blackland Black Oxide Blackbird

    Looking to buy a black oxide ‘Bird, if anyone has one they‘d be willing to sell. Alternatively, I have a SS machined finish ‘Bird I’d be willing to trade For the BO. Thanks!
  11. MTG Jr

    FS Shavemac, AP Shave Gealousy, TurnNShave Brushes; Lady Gillette S2

    I am selling the following items....prices all include shipping to CONUS: Lady Gillette date code S2 (second quarter 1972) - excellent condition Asking $35. Shavemac 26mm 2 Band Silvertip Fan, with imitation ivory handle. Used just a few times. Comes with box, as shown. Retails for $179 usd...
  12. MTG Jr

    FS Fragrance: Dolce & Gabbana The One EDT

    I bought this 1.6 oz./50 ml EDT, wore it exactly two times and decided to replace it with the EDP instead. Easily 99%+ in this bottle. I didn’t save the box, so I’ll ship it in the EDP box. Asking $35 shipped to CONUS for an effectively new (99%+) bottle of D&G The One EDT.
  13. MTG Jr

    FS LOT: Black Beauty, Grooming Dept, Stirling, Proraso, Yaqi, APShave

    Ok, folks...this is a bulk sale at a fire sale price. Do the math...this lot is a steal. Well over $100 of products if sold separately for market value. The razor alone is worth over $30 (conservatively), which means you’re getting two GD soaps, two Stirling soap/AS sets, two brushes (one a 2...
  14. MTG Jr

    FS Haircut & Shave Co N075 Stainless Steel Safety Razor

    I may end up regretting this, but I just had two long-awaited premium razors finally arrive within a week of each other, and my razor rotation is suddenly in need of downsizing. It was a tough decision, but I’ve reluctantly decided to let go of my H&S N075. This is the mirror polished SS version...
  15. MTG Jr

    FS Soap Lot Plus Speick AS Balm CHEAP

    Selling everything together for just $40 shipped in CONUS. The Speick ASB alone sells for $18 on WCS. Soaps and approximate amounts remaining as follows: Stirling - Margaritas in the Arctic (95%+) Mike’s Natural Soaps - Orange, Cedarwood, & Black Pepper (90%) Mike’s Natural Soaps - Barber Shop...
  16. MTG Jr

    FS Thater 4125/2, RR SLOC, GC68 Head, A&E Soap

    Four items for sale. Shipping to CONUS included. 1) Thater 4125/2 26mm 3 Band Silvertip Bulb - I have used this brush only two times since buying it new. It is in pristine condition, not even really broken in yet. Comes with original box and certificate. Retails for $149. Asking SOLD. 2)...
  17. MTG Jr

    Thayers Gentlemen’s Collection

    I know there are many devoted users of Thayers Witch Hazel products in the wet shaving community, myself included. Well, their long awaited Gentlemen’s Collection of shaving products has finally been released. I just placed on order on their website for all three products...the aftershave...
  18. MTG Jr

    FS Den Clearing: M&M soap, Slim Adj., GD Preshave, Brushes, etc.

    I can’t believe I’m already in need of a den clearing, only five months into this hobby. I have a couple single items, and a couple lots that combine some of the lower priced items. Shipping to CONUS included in asking price. 1) Murphy and McNeil Magh Tured soap - Received in the mail today...
  19. MTG Jr

    WTB Timeless SS .68 Baseplate / Karve SS C Plate

    I am looking to buy a Timeless polished SS baseplate with .68 blade gap. I’d prefer the solid bar, but would also consider scalloped. This is surely more of a long shot, but I would also be willing to trade my Karve SS D plate for a SS C plate, if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  20. MTG Jr

    FS Rex Ambassador and Stand

    Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Safety Razor with Stand for sale. Perfect, like new condition. Purchased from Maggard’s on June 29, 2019 (just over a month ago) and only used a few times. Has an O1 (current stock - Q1:2019) serial number. $300 retail value. Asking $250 shipped to CONUS only.
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