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  1. dobitz2003

    Surprised by my 85 Super Speed

    So a little bit ago I sprang for an 1985 ( my birth year ). I paid a little more for it than I wanted to at $35 but it was extremely nice with no signs of wear. I have now used it about 15 times and I'm getting amazing shaves with it. My other razors are a 64 slim and Edwin Jagger DE89 but I...
  2. dobitz2003

    Just ordered my first vintage Gillette!

    So a few months back me and my buddy are watching the Super Bowl, after the game we are browsing the web and come across DE shaving. We dove in head first and ordered a full Edwin Jagger setup for both of us. 2 months of quality shaves later he drops a bomb on me and shows me the 1959 E4...
  3. dobitz2003

    New guy in MD

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Derek Obitz What are your nicknames/aliases? None Where do you live? Bel Air, Maryland What is your age (or) generation? 29 What are you in the real world? Tire wholesale What is your favorite shave setup? My starter setup is an Edwin Jagger...
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