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  1. Isaac

    FS 2020 B&B Pipe of the Year

    Using the description from the sale thread found here INFO! - Badger and Blade 2020 LE Pipe : Askwith Pipes - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/badger-and-blade-2020-le-pipe-askwith-pipes.588471/ This year's pipe is a Straight Chubby Rhodesian with Polished Alumium Collar and...
  2. Isaac

    Recommend a leather Satchel

    Looking for a nicely made leather satchel. Not quite a breifcase, but something nice to carry paperwork etc. I would like to keep the pricing under $300.
  3. Isaac

    FS Mastro Livi Damascus

    I’m interested in selling my Mastro Livi Damascus razor. Beautiful ATS34 that takes a lovely edge. The scales are Ambyona Burl. In person, the scales are stunning and appear to be on fire. I have been the only owner of this razor. I am asking $650 shipped conus. If there are any questions feel...
  4. Isaac

    Parker 51 repairs

    Does anyone have a recommendation For repairing a 51? Mins seems to be burping a good deal. It is a vacumatic version.
  5. Isaac

    Buttermilk Biscuits

    So I have been working on my biscuit game as of late. I personally prefer of denser biscuit over a flaky. Therefore Im using lard/shortening instead of butter. As most good Southern folk, I am using White Lily Self Rising flour. Unlike most Southerners, I use the recipe on the back of the...
  6. Isaac

    Ankarsrum mixer

    Do any of you in the B&B Mess Hall have this mixer?
  7. Isaac

    FS Mastro Livi Damascus

    I am selling a Mastro Livi Damascus razor. Pictures will give you all the measurements. I would consider this shave ready. Original case is included. I am asking $650 shipped CONUS. If there are any questions feel free to message me. .
  8. Isaac

    Country Squire 50th Anniversary

    I’m just wondering if any of you have tried the Virginia Perique blend that is currently being offered. $15/1.5oz is a little in the higher side, so would hopefully like to get some opinions.
  9. Isaac


    I made scones for the first time today. I used a recipe on YouTube by the former chef to the Queen. They aren’t chalky day like most scones. Jam is Rainier cherry jam I made in June.
  10. Isaac

    The Comet

    Pulled out my Nikon D90 from the closet. Haven’t used it in about 4 years. But here are a couple of pictures. Long exposures requiring a tripod.
  11. Isaac

    Watch is stuck in nowhere land.....

    So I sent my Omega for its regular five year servicing. I sent this back in the first week of March with a promise date of May 20th. CORONA VIRUS HIT.... I received an update on 6/20/2020 that the 5/20/2020 will not be met, no kidding, and new projection is 7/20/2020 and to please be...
  12. Isaac

    Stoving Tobacco

    What are your thoughts on stoving tobacco? I understand that it is suppose to provide immediate aging benefits, but stops the aging process. If you are bulking buying, would it be beneficial to stove one tin while aging the others?
  13. Isaac

    Pipe tobacco and cellar temperatures

    So coming from the cigar world, temperature seems to be a factor in aging tobacco. For long term storage there are arguments of keeping the temp from 60-65F. Of course, on Cuban cigars you also want to try to keep your temp below 70F to prevent beetles hatching unless you have frozen the boxes...
  14. Isaac

    Multiple Older Brushes

    Simpson Gary Young M7 LE. Despite the darker appearance, this is the light model. $175 Shavemac group buy from 2007. I would assume the knot is a 24 with a loft of 55. $150 Thater 2 band super fan. Im going to say this is a size 2. $140 Semogue 2 band Boar. This was a special boar selection...
  15. Isaac

    Let’s talk about hoarding

    Which option would you take, and why? Lets say 10lbs is your goal for a blend you like. do you buy 10lbs up front, or 3lbs up front and the. The remaining 7lbs over subsequent years?
  16. Isaac

    Tobacco Acquirements for June 2020

    This was a big haul I found Escudo on sale, that that’s my purchase for the year. First time trying L.J. Peretti
  17. Isaac

    Little history of Morta

    Country Squire Podcast just did a Morta episode for those of us, like me who don’t have a clue.
  18. Isaac

    Lets not buy everything you see, right?

    Ok, I may have posted this in the past, but seeing as how im becoming a bit more seasoned in pipe tobacco collecting, i thought i would give it another go. So for those of you long standing pipe smokers with deep cellars, how are you buying your tobacco? I would assume you have two categories...
  19. Isaac

    Tobacco Acquirements for May 2020

  20. Isaac

    What exactly would you call a flavored tobacco?

    So the house just passed this bill that would ban sales of flavored tobacco. what pipe/cigar tobacco would that fall under if it passes the next steps to becoming law? I would consider all aromatics. What about English blends? Latakia blends? Anything that isn’t straight Virginia’s? Obviously...
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