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  1. Christopherallen

    Try shaving like me!!!

    Dorko solingen blade (MOST FORGIVING) AND BENDY FOLLOWED BY --SALEZ PITCH 2 TREES RAPING YOU slapping yucky white pine tree sap , on my face
  2. Christopherallen


    These are my favorite razors so far... Sedef Sanguine Universal KureNai SextoBlade!!!
  3. Christopherallen

    Mixed solution , for a smoker pinesol works

    Bought every Clubman , like specail reserve .. decanted and all that crap Pinesol is the best , can I rub that on my face safely ???
  4. Christopherallen

    Best belt

    Iv owned pretty close to 50 belts , and a lot of brand names like Dickies or Nike. It is very hard to find a decent belt that will last , but in my opinion ..... The military dress uniforms , are the most stylish and by far most reliable belts .... Probably a synthetic or offbrand that doesn't...
  5. Christopherallen

    !!!!..SECRETS OF SHAVETTES..!!!!

    Ok, after 9-10 months shavette shaving , I figured it out! YOU HAVE TO CORK THE BLADES! skin stretchin , lots of it MOISTURE , proraso/shower soap / not using alcohol I can now do a 6pass shave for a week straight ( if I wanted ) and all my SHAVETTES are really good finding out you need to...
  6. Christopherallen


    Boker kingcutter ....knnaaa???!!! Joseph Rodgers and son custom(stasharp) ;!!!!!!! Sta-sharp , dictator silver steel ????? Universal half blade Sextoblade full size ivory Sedef
  7. Christopherallen

    Straight razors story

    Who prefers straight razors and why? What attracted you to making the switch , is it an economical earth friendly change , or do you just like the awesomeness? What got you to make the switch? How where you introduced? WHATS YOUR STORY?????
  8. Christopherallen


    What does you straight razor travel kit include of , any ideas or suggestions? $2.00 Chinese eBay strops (work fine) Newspaper with some paste may suffice. Iv read the "blue eel strop" was great for travel Large "Stirling soap tins" a number one go too , everyday scuttle ...that and some...
  9. Christopherallen

    Shavette poll

    WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SHAVETTE!!! (If you must resort to one, keep it simple.)
  10. Christopherallen

    My shavette journey

    Sanguine (1st-gen) Universal (half-blade) Sextoblade (military) Sextoblade (original) Sextoblade Jr. Sedef Ok sanguine same razor as bluebeard-Dreadnaught minimal blade exposure has been in production since like 2009 great bang for the buck ( will update on shave just got it) Universal-half...
  11. Christopherallen

    Photo display wet-shaving

    I notice a lot of you guys , photo edit or collage theme your shave , how do you stage your display??? This is my first display photo .. Great shave with the Sedef ( a little knicky). The Clubman and Proraso cologne blend fantastically together!
  12. Christopherallen


    Does anyone have any experience with these? After some research iv discovered its the same razor as the bluebeards or shave-shack ....
  13. Christopherallen


    Just got these in the mail two for $6.00 first rate shipping off Amazon, a Superb and amazing knick free shave WTG and ATG , highly recommend and consider them kwite an upgrade over the sextoblade...much more stable ... Definately a better shave Only issue , if trimming in beard line razor...
  14. Christopherallen

    Samurai vs Bluebeards vs Sanguine

    Classic Samurai Bluebeards Revenge Sanguine (origanal) Are these all the same shavettes , just rebranded??? After carefully studying photos these all look pretty much exactly the same. Does anyone have any experience? , And can tell of shave quality and razor build? P.S. I have noticed the...
  15. Christopherallen

    Universal Dimensions

    Universal has been absolutely fantastic shaves , Equailivent to a straight if not better But anyone else feel like they got the dimensions all messed up??? Take notice of top scale and Tang portion ...kinda irritating like you want to fix it
  16. Christopherallen

    Universal shavette

    Hi iv been looking into the universal shavette , can anyone post a side by side comparison of the full blade vs half blade or other shavettes for comparison. There's a ton of die hard fans for this razor , how about the vanto? I'm considering the half blade universal becouse I prefer the 5/8...
  17. Christopherallen

    Sextoblade , gallery and thread

    I'm a huge fan of these weck sextoblade's ... Want to hear about anyone's stropping experiences , and have pics throw em up Any significant history can be added as well
  18. Christopherallen

    Aftershave Procedure

    What is your aftershave procedure?? I use cold water rub alum stone Use styptic pen any weepers (occasional) Take 5 min smoke break Than apply aftershave splash Iv used post shave , no results as far as protective layer , I assume softens the hair for easier cutting I like stirling soap (...
  19. Christopherallen

    What do you guys have / favorites

    Here's my little collection.. 5/8 sta sharps , favorite and there beautys Dorko and friodur 7/8 ...dorko kills it , not a 7/8 fan , bought frio on a bad tip Sextoblades big fan , not like the real deal ,, bendy forgiving quality steel....origanal / sextoblade jr / medical...barbershop...
  20. Christopherallen

    Proffesionaly honed?????

    Ok , I own a set of waterstones ..a variety of strops , green compound ..AND 10, 20 , 30 TRIPLETS! Now , I understand the concept of the bevel .. and how I'm attempting to get this as even and symmetrical as possible on both sides ...which 20/20 vision can get you basic idea ... Then go into...
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