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    Shampoos--high end vs CVS etc.

    Although I haven't read it, my gut instinct is that it says there is little to no added benefit to expensive shampoos since: 1. hair is dead anyway, 2. you wash out whatever you put into your hair. With that said, I use American Crew Daily Shampoo & Daily Conditioner. Although I like to...
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    What are you listening to?

    With the advent of MP3's, my cd player is collecting dust..... On my current at work playlist is mostly Beatallica. Yes you read correctly, Beatallica is great for those who are equal fans of both The Beatles and Metallica. Have a listen..
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    SOTD 09-15 July 2007

    Merkur HD Derby Blade day 4 (seemed dull aready?!?!) Col. Conk Bayh Rum Gillette aftershave gel I have been using Aqua Velva but I didn't want to cover up the smell of the bayh rum, so I reached for an old tube of Gillette aftershave gel that doesn't have a very strong scent. It would...
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    New Car Advice

    If the transmission is working fine and the body isn't hacked up, I would recommend that you put a rebuilt engine in your SAAB. The SAAB is paid for and I am sure it's a lot better than anything you will find for the $3,000 it will cost you to replace the engine. Note, in almost all cases...
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    NYT Crossword

    I just got into crossword puzzles. Thus far I am somewhat proficient at our local paper's crosswords, but the NYC is way to difficult for a newbie like me. Is there any crossword advice you can offer?
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    Puck Storage

    Depending on how cheap you are, you can either get the extra small Ziplock screw lid containers or the extra small Pyrex glass containers with plastic lid. A package of 4 will cost you $2.50 - $6.00 respectively. You could get ceramic or wooden soap containers from one of the shaving supply...
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    I am an IDIOT!!!!

    No, luckily it wasn't. It was a very inexpensive plastic Shaefer Calligraphy pen that my fiance found at a craft store. It still has the Shaefer cartrige that came with the pen. I know it's a little hoaky to write with a calligraphy pen, but I don't want to spend $30+ on a fountain pen...
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    I am an IDIOT!!!!

    First - Kentuckiana refers to the area of Louisville, KY and a few neighboring cities in Southern Indiana. Louisvillians do not consider themselvs to be Kentuckians - think of it in terms of two Kentuckies - Louisville (& Lexington) and everywhere else. Of course this is all moot because I live...
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    I am an IDIOT!!!!

    ...to bad I don't have any of that stuff right now!! I'm going to rub some alchohol on it (I've heard that works), and if that doesn't seem to pull any of the ink I'll try that milk idea.
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    I am an IDIOT!!!!

    First off, let me start by saying I am just as new to the world of fountain pens as I am to DE shaving (less than 3 weeks). About 5 minutes ago I capped my Shaefer, put it in my breast pocket and went to talk to a colleage. I then heard the 4 most dreaded words "is your pen leaking?". I...
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    hair tonic question

    Dumb question but.....what does hair tonic do? What is it used for?
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    Logic has failed me again

    I have been wetshaving with a DE razor for about two weeks now. Logically, nothing that I have changed in my shave routine should have caused my beard to grow thicker or faster. When I was a Mach 3 & goop user I only saw a slight amount of stubble after two days - I could easily go three...
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    New Suit Advice

    No problem.....
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    SOTD~ 2 July - 8 July 2007 Last week*

    Monday & Tuesday (and everyday) I feel kind of silly posting in the SOTD thread since I only have one razor, one brush, and one soap - but I am compelled to do so for some reason :confused: Shower Noxema Face Scrub (in shower) American Crew Daily Moisterizer to face (in shower) Classic...
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    New Suit Advice

    Last time I was measured I was a 44R. Why? BTW, I my current job does not require me to wear a suit and as such I haven't purchased one in about two years and haven't worn one in almost a year.
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    New Suit Advice

    Having been someone who at 23 had to buy suits for everyday wear in a very conservative environment, I can offer some advice: 1. Have a Navy, Grey, and Black suit. These are either plain or VERY light patterned suits. These should also be the best you can afford. 2. Once you have these...
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    A couple of newbie-ish questions

    You may want to try either your ASB or a splash AS then follow up with a lotion after the AS dries - this is what I do when my face feels particularly dry. I don't think ASB meant to be a lotion as such. You may be able to find a vintage safety razor at a yardsale or flee market, but other...
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    The most manly smelling cologne?

    I agree, but I would follow up the WD-40 with a splash of gasoline or diesel fuel if you want a more agressive sent.
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    Pay it Forward

    errrrr..... If this was only available two weeks ago!!!! I already have my Merkur HD & sampler pack!!!
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    Stuyou's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Yeah, I have a second bathroom framed out in the basement that I wasn't planning on finishing untill after my wedding (September). I may have to change plans and create my own "den of manlyness" - trimmed in leather and smelling of aqua velva of course!!!
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