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  1. J

    Most $$ you are willing to spend on shave soap

    People spend thousands on wine in some parts. I feel perfectly justified with my $100 Blenheim Bouquet. However, I thoroughly enjoy my Proraso blue or my Musgo Real Lavender sub $20. I didn't like the MdC enough to keep it so passed it along and recuperated some of the money. Life is short. Try...
  2. J

    FSOT ATT SE1 w/blades

    This has been sold. I'll respond to the individual PMs that were sent.
  3. J

    FSOT ATT SE1 w/blades

    My apologies, I thought I had taken a picture with the box in there. They are the feather pro blades.
  4. J

    FSOT ATT SE1 w/blades

    Above The Tie SE1 Stainless w/Bamboo handle includes 19 Feather blades - for sale or trade. I actually acquired this pretty recently. I've had an infatuation with razors that use the Feather blades, but none of them have ever made me love them. I was hoping this would be different, but alas, it...
  5. J

    A question to head shavers

    I maintain a beard, but shave cheeks and neck. I shave my head and still have a full head of hair. I use a DE on my face, and recently, a new cart for my head which I really enjoy called a Defender. They found me on Facebook. One of those subscription razors. I occasionally use my DE or straight...
  6. J

    correct way to use TOBS SHAVE CREAM

    I find that I can't go through my creams fast enough. Lost about 25% of a tube of proraso as it got hard waiting to get used. So now, soap or cream, I load generously. Acquire enough different ones to try and you'll worry a lot less about how little to use, but rather enjoy how much you get to...
  7. J

    It's Just a Shave

    I've been there. I joined this community a few years ago looking for ways to make shaving cheaper. Quickly got into the buy everything try everything groove. Then after a while, shaving was shaving again. Then I came back and visited and realized that I think I enjoyed this community more than I...
  8. J

    Formulating my opinions

    I've not been around in quite some time. I got comfortable with my daily setup, but recently bought a new razor off a group on Facebook, and while I actually don't care for it too much, it made me realize how much time I used to spend on this site, and how much money just a few years ago. So I...
  9. J

    Can we please SWATCA?

    Something to consult http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Abbreviations
  10. J

    Formulating my opinions

    Well, I finally got a King Cobra. Wonderful razor. So nice in fact that I don't even gag when I think about the fact that I spent over $200 on a single shaving implement. If you've ever used one, you know, the razor speaks for itself. It is a fantastic shave. Efficient. Smooth. Really, not...
  11. J

    WTB - Cobra

    I checked around midnight thinking about buying a second one just in case something were to happen to the first and they were all gone at that point.
  12. J

    WTB - Cobra

    Absolutely fantastic! I got one. Thank you so much!
  13. J

    WTB - Cobra

    Forever hunting for one of these elusive razors. I'd prefer a King Cobra, but I would consider a Classic. I'm willing to overpay a reasonable amount. Let me know what you have, preferably with pictures and condition, and how much you want. Just looking to pay cash, don't have anything I'm...
  14. J

    Need helping finding a razor from 1928

    Thanks fellas
  15. J

    Need helping finding a razor from 1928

    So nearly 2 months ago I lost my grandfather. I'd been helping care for him in his late years. We were not really close when I was young, but being somewhat of a caretaker for the last few years, we developed more of a relationship. We didn't really share anything special, he was a simple man...
  16. J

    Formulating my opinions

    So my grandfather passed away about 2 months ago. My grandmother asked me if there was anything of his that I would like to have. I have spent the last few years helping take care of him - he had alzheimers. We didn't really share anything special like some do, but he did have some shaving...
  17. J

    Razor that started it all.

    The razor that started my obsession - a Dovo 5/8" full hollow straight razor with the pearl looking scales. Was a Christmas gift from my sister, along with a VDH soap/brush set. She had heard me say for years that I wanted to try straight razor shaving, but I never jumped in myself. I shaved...
  18. J

    Formulating my opinions

    Since my last post, nothing much has changed. Still shaving with the same razor, using the same brush and hadn't added any new soaps/creams, until today. I got a tube of CO Bigelow in the mail. When I first started wet shaving, someone sent me what I thought was a sample of CO Bigelow and I was...
  19. J

    If it became COMMON KNOWLEDGE

    This is no different than anything you purchase. Kitchen cabinets from Home Depot? Get them straight from the wholesaler. Candy bar from the gas station? Buy it bulk from a wholesaler. Why buy your steaks from the store when you could save money buying a whole cow directly from the butcher...
  20. J

    Small Soap/Cream lot - Cella, T&H, AOS, Mike's

    Trying another price drop. I'd like to see this stuff go to a new home this weekend. $40 shipped.
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