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  1. Villalobos

    Pipe PIF!

    Thank you Price! Received the pipe last night, well packaged and beautiful. Included not 1 but 4 awesome samples of some tobacco I probably would never have been able to obtain. This group is an amazing conglomeration of gentlemen!! Haven’t fired her up yet, but will get some pics after work to...
  2. Villalobos

    Nice Gillette info

    Do you have any razor blades?
  3. Villalobos

    Nice Gillette info

    Did I miss something? I was looking at a slide presentation about Gillette and products and a timeline.
  4. Villalobos

    Nice Gillette info

    Gillette case study-Why Innovation May Not Be Enough
  5. Villalobos

    Pipe PIF!

    Thank you for the generous PIF!! Just in time for my birthday on Monday!!
  6. Villalobos

    Shaving once a week: blade life expectancy?

    That’s is an excellent plan and good advice!! Happy shaves!!
  7. Villalobos

    A Harry Situation

    I use a vintage Trac II when traveling. My main problem with the shave is also stubble grows back faster than with my super 84. Shave is great right away, smooth, comfortable and mindless, however any end of day I have stubble.
  8. Villalobos

    Soap on a Rope

    I think storage is an advantage of soap on a rope. Hanging to dry and not storing it on a ledge or in a dish. Maybe peace of mind for folks that are worried about bacteria.
  9. Villalobos

    Shaving once a week: blade life expectancy?

    Three:) it is subjective, I personally use until the blade isn’t comfortable anymore 3-30 shaves could be possible even many more! Happy shaves! As your technique improves blade life could possibly improve.
  10. Villalobos

    Best storage options

    Anecdotal evidence only, not a recommendation. I received an old shave mirror/stand with mug, brush and Colgate barbers soap puck. It had been in a lady’s bathroom as decoration as it belonged to her grandfather. Soap was stored in the mug in the open air. It was dirty and dry. I soaked it...
  11. Villalobos

    PIF: Design your own Tattooed Tech...

    I’m in! Great PIF, good luck to all! Thanks!
  12. Villalobos

    How much should a hair cut cost?

    When my barber passsd away, I bought a cape, neck papers, and a kit from wahl on amazon, with combs, scissors, electric clippers and guards in a zippered pouch. Had an old shave brush for a neck duster, and had clubman tonic, aftershave and talc on hand. Wife has been doing it since haircuts at...
  13. Villalobos

    Cheap Blade Bank

    This seems a hot topic lately:)
  14. Villalobos

    How do you shave under your nose with a DE?

    Curl your top lip over your top teeth and pull your nose up, hope that makes sense. Eventually your skin in that area will stretch without the nose pulling.
  15. Villalobos

    Your vitamin/supplement regiment?

    I take centrum vitamints, drink a gallon of water, 16oz. Tart cherry juice and eat a balanced diet of lean meats and vegetables and oatmeal. I use a bow flex knock off for resistance excercise 4 20 minute work outs per week and 3 days of walk/jog outdoors and treadmill on off days from...
  16. Villalobos

    Thinking about Old Spice AS Ingredients

    I think Stetson and Gillette cool wave have castor oil. Also I have a box that Avon spicy came in that listed ingredients and menthol is included.
  17. Villalobos

    Blade disposal, what do folks use?

    Fresh breath too:) when full I wrap in red duct tape and pitch
  18. Villalobos

    Sink backs up every 6 months

    I removed the “pop up” stopper years ago. After a few disgusting slimy clean ups of that apparatus. For about 15 years I have used an old school rubber stopper with a small chain. I replace it every couple years. Also my sink has a nice work space underneath, I just unscrew the PVC and run the...
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