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    which talc

    Alright, so I have been noticing that the lower part of my neck is almost always irritated, and just the other day I noticed that the collar on my shirt covered it up. After reading some threads on the use of talc to "lube" shirt collars, needless to say I am curious. I was just wondering if...
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    Proraso liquid cream aftershave

    Just saw this at Italian Barber and never noticed it was in stock until today. Is this the long loved green balm, or is this something different? Either or, its a missing proraso product from my ever growing collection!!! ...nygel74
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    why did it take so long to try this!

    So i was able to pick up a beautiful GEM junior in the BST last week, and I have been using it all weekend. I was amazed at how easy it is to get a great shave. I immediately noticed how much less irritation I was getting from it then from my slim. I know my technique is still forming, but...
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    Hey guys, I have been using dreadnought cream and balm for a couple months now and have mixed feelings. The cream, on its best day is so-so IMHO. I have plenty of other creams that perform better and are far less expensive. The aftershave balm on the other hand works great. Depending on the...
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    the veg, my experiences

    Alright guys, so I finally got my samples of lilac veg from stephan, masters, and pinaud. I gotta say, and I might be shamed but I'm alright with it:001_tt2:, that I really like the Pinaud Lilac veg. On me, once it dries down it smells exactly like the lilac bushes from my childhood. Masters...
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    lilac veg

    with such polarizing views on this scent, I have been reading up on it. I found an old ad for it and suggests that a person use it in bath water to soothe and tone muscles and skin. Any thoughts?? I LOVE lilac, but don't know. Am tempted to buy a bottle just to experience it for myself!
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    Nygel74's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Adam What are your nicknames/aliases? Nygs, Nygel, Where do you live? North Dakota What is your age (or) generation? 33, Gen X What are you in the real world? Social worker, life long learner What is your favorite shave setup? neutrogena face...
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    DE newbie from the great white north

    Since I started DE wet shaving about 2 months ago, I have been googling all of my questions and imagine what website turned out to be the place I kept coming back to for great advice! Anyway, I started by picking up a Merkur 180 long handle with a few shark blades. After about two weeks of...
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