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  1. sternej

    Chiseled Face Aftershaves. Thoughts?

    What are the best CF. Aftershaves?
  2. sternej

    My Alum block whispers to me says "Psst...Change Blades""

    Generally I change blades once a week. I sometimes find my last shave with the blade is the closest (maybe I'm pressing w/o realizing it). All goes well, no irritation felt. Then the Alum block burns for the first time with that blade. Time to toss it.
  3. sternej

    Fill in the blank re: single pass razor

    When using (____) razor. I always get a close comfortable shave in one pass
  4. sternej

    Anyone just shave one pass?

    Does anyone stick to one pass shaving? One lather only? I just tried one ATG pass today, not satisfactory, but I may try some single WTG shaved. I'm not fussy about closeness.
  5. sternej

    When I'm short on time to shave I always (__fill in the blank)

    When you gents are pressed for time but still need to shave what might you consistently do? Use a certain brush or razor of lathering technique? Skip a step in your ritual? Discuss.
  6. sternej

    Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave and AS & Face Toni

    I tried out some Lucky Tiger Products Pictured. The Liquid cream shave is a strange but excellent product that takes some getting used to. The first time I used it my instincts were to ignore the 'spread on your face using your fingers' instructions and just lather it in a bowl. No need for...
  7. sternej

    Open Comb vs. Closed Comb. Which do you prefer and why?

    Considering purchasing a DE razor. Although my results using a supply 2.0 are really good, I feel like I'm missing something. Schick blades are great but maybe there's better shaves to be had. I'm really sorry if this has been gone over before. I couldn't find in search what I want to ask. I...
  8. sternej

    Are some DE razors easier to shave upper lip area?

    Today hooked my razor on a hair right under my nose blade pulled it like a fish hook and I got the worst cut in probably a year. Anyone find certain razors in your rotation are easier right under the nose?
  9. sternej

    Shaving under the nose. 'The Final Frontier'

    Wanted to talk about my worst part of shaving. Between the upper lip and under the noose. I just can't master it. Seem like mustache hair is so brittle hard or grows at strange angles of something. If I'm going to get bumps or cuts, that's where they will be. Fear and trepidation sets in as I...
  10. sternej

    Are beard products in store space replacing shaving products?

    My 19 year old son told me a year or two ago that he thought 'Beards are totally out now'. I think he was wrong. Today at Target I saw: beard wash, beard wax, beard shampoo, beard oil, beard butter, beard pomade couple of other things. In Walmart for instance where space is limited, they've used...
  11. sternej

    The Big 3 trouble spots. What's your technique? Discuss.

    My trouble spot are the same as yours. In order of trouble: 1. Under the nose 2. The chin 3. Adams Apple. For me the worst is under the nose. The hairs seem like some of the hardest on my face an it's really hard to get close w/o nicking myself. Any advice? On the chin, my hairs seem to grow in...
  12. sternej

    What are some really Badger like synth brushes?

    I Like the Scratchiness and splay of a badger brush. I like the exfoliating properties too. Are there any synthetic brushes that perform like that?
  13. sternej

    You had a bad shave. What soap do you use on your next shave?

    Leaving aside razors and blades. Maybe you got bit/burned by an aggressive razor. What soap are you sure to use the next day?
  14. sternej

    What are your favorite Tube Creams?

    I tried Speick and it's an amazing cream in every aspect. I like creams for quick bowl lathering when I'm rushed for time. What creams can you gents recommend? not looking for high artisan craft pricing, just good performance etc.
  15. sternej

    Reuzul 'Astringent Foam' amazing product

    I came across this product and wasn't sure what it does. I asked on a forum "Is it really foam" and was told yes it is. The best description is this: After shaving, I use an alum block, let it dry and rinse, then use alcohol free witch hazel, then a Balm or after shave. This product for me...
  16. sternej

    What was your first concert?

    I'll start. The MC5. saw them at a high school on Long Island. To this day, I'd say the second loudest concert I've ever attended. I mean the sound went through your body!
  17. sternej

    What Soap with fragrance you hated at first but grew to love?

    When I first smelled Taylor of old bond street sandalwood. I found it shockingly strong and I couldn't stand it. My sons tell me it smells like an Asian gift shop. Now I think it smells amazing. I open a jar and now and I feel like Seth Rogen in "Pineapple Express" when he holds the bag of weed...
  18. sternej

    Beard Grain direction.

    Silly question but I don't know which direction under my chin, and left/right below the cheeks, and left/right neck area grows. Are there any diagrams out there?
  19. sternej

    Need Razor Burn advice/Help

    So I've finally gotten to the point where I seldom nick or cut myself. I shave daily. On my neck area, I can't seem to get away from razor burn, I have decent post shave burn products, I use an Alum block, and alcohol free witch hazel and mostly alcohol free post shave balms. So here's my...
  20. sternej

    Tallow based soaps

    Newbie here: Are Tallow based soaps better; and if so in what ways? Is it so good that 'once you've tried a tallow you'll never go back? What are some good ones? Thank you, James (Denver)
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