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  1. Harald

    Aftershave-balm VS Moisturizer (Post-shave-Routine)

    I shave 2 passes every day, have sensitive skin and can't do BBS every time, but it makes the joy even greater on the weekends when I can go for 3-4 passes and BBS. 1. I'm starting with alum block. 2. Witch hazel (alcohol free) 3. After Shave (very often "brut" or "proraso-green", just love...
  2. Harald

    Brut moisturizing after shave balm?

    I love the scent of Brut, and I'm looking for the moisturizing after shave balm, but it's hard to find. Does anyone know where I can get this product?
  3. Harald

    Shaving soap with vanilla scent?

    I'm looking for a shaving soap with a strong vanilla scent. Are there any soaps that can be recommended? :)
  4. Harald

    PAA shipping (Europe)

    I order most of the artisan soaps from Maggard Razors because the shipping isn't too expensive, but unfortunately they don't have soaps from PAA. I live in Europe (Norway) and if I order products directly from PAA, the shipping will cost me $22. Is there anyone in the same situation as me who...
  5. Harald

    My favorite brush

    After trying endless brushes, expensive, medium price range and cheap ... badgder, boar, synthetic, I end up with a clear winner. What kind of brush have I been looking for? - Dense bristle - Soft brush with a backbone, but not rigid - A knot that generates lather quickly with face lathering...
  6. Harald

    Rating of razor blades

    How would you rate DE blades from the mildest to the sharpest, and which brands do you think are the most comfortable blades? Why I ask is because I experience that this changes over the years. The razor blade I had as a favorite is now quite far down on my comfort list
  7. Harald

    What do you value most with a shave?

    Before I started with wet shaving, I shaved every day (one pass) without any problem, but to be honest I don't remember much of the total experience or result because this was something I just did to finish quickly. Now that wet shaving has become a hobby, I memorize every detail of the...
  8. Harald

    Bowl lathering vs Face lathering

    I have mostly been doing face lathering since I started wet shaving. It works very well because I can control the consistency while building the lather to the perfect finish. But with bowl lathering, it's different. I can make a perfect lather in the bowl, but the lather changes completely when...
  9. Harald

    Itching from Mitchell's Wool Fat

    Right after I apply the soap, I feel that the skin gets a reaction. Some kind of irritation or itching but no visible rash. Does anyone have the same experience? Could this be an allergic reaction that can get worse the more I use the soap?
  10. Harald

    Delayed delivery.

    I ordered an SB Plate and stand June 13th from Karve. Today I am informed that they send the goods, 6 weeks after ordering. Last time I ordered from Canada, it took 3-4 months before I got the razor delivered, then I will probably have to wait a few months until I get SB Plate and stand. Is...
  11. Harald

    Dry skin

    I do not have enough knowledge about soaps and what is hidden in the products. After doing face lathering for a while, I have started to wonder if my skin can handle all the soap products. I think especially when I build the lather that goes on for several minutes, 4 times a week. I notice that...
  12. Harald

    Broken razor? (Merkur Progress)

    When I was cleaning the razor after today's shaving, it fell apart and now I can't put it together. should I use force to get it together? Edit: Solved
  13. Harald

    Timeless Titanium

    I have decided to buy Timeless Titanium and I will go for something like this: -Cap: Smooth -Base Plate: Scalloped -Blade Gap: 0.68mm -Finish: Polished -Stand But, I am really struggling with the decision on base plates, 0.68 or 0.95. I mostly shaved with the Muhle r89 because I wanted to be...
  14. Harald

    Mühle r89...Karve...Timeless

    I have been wet shaving for about 3 years and I just love it. I started with "Mühle r89" and together with the razor blade "gillette silver blue" I found a very nice combo. I also bought "Mekur Progress" but it became two much "blade feel". I have therefore stayed with "Mühle r89" until I got...
  15. Harald

    Skin feels like sandpaper.

    Hi! After one week of growth i have trouble finding back to the good feeling. I have no idea what happened but the skin feels like sandpaper 3-4 hours after shaving. I use the same razor, my favorite blade/soap and the same technique but I no longer get the smooth skin after the last pass. It...
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