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  1. ShaverAZ

    An Interesting Article About Razor Blades

  2. ShaverAZ

    Astra Stainless vs Permasharp

    Read good things about Astra SS Blades & have used Astra SP's for a long time. Always regarded stainless stel blades as the lower end of a brand, but experience with Voskhod, Shark SS, and now Astra SS indicates otherwise. The Astra SS was every bit as close & smooth as a Permasharp. A few...
  3. ShaverAZ

    Permasharp Stainless vs Tiger Platinum

    Left Side: Milord with Permasharp (1) Right Side 1946 Super Speed with Tiger Platinum (1) Conkogena (Col Conk Amber + Neutrogena for Sensitive Skin) Yaqi Cola Brush Both gave a butter smooth and irritation-free first shave.
  4. ShaverAZ

    Tiger Carbon Steel Blade

    Got a sample blade from Razorbladesclub and I'm glad I didn't buy a bunch. Up to today, I've always been able to claim that I never had a blade I couldn't finish a shave with. Figgered a Czech carbon steel blade has got to be better than a Pakistani carbon steel blade ... but I figgered wrong...
  5. ShaverAZ

    Treet New Edge Carbon Steel

    I never gave carbon steel blades much thought, until after shaving with a vintage Gillette Thin. It shaved close and smooth ... for 2 shaves. I then stropped it 10 laps, and the next shave was even smoother than the original shave. I decided to get some carbon steel blades to duplicate the...
  6. ShaverAZ

    SLOC - Final Fail

    Got an SLOC head last year & never got a good shave from it, so I tossed it into the loser part bag that sits under a table in the shave lab. I read of someone who liked their SLOC, so I thought I'd try it with a newly acquired top performing blade (Lab Blue), and pair it with an ultra smooth...
  7. ShaverAZ

    Genuine Lab Blue?

    Just got these delivered from Razorbladesclub.com They shave smooth & close. Performance is no issue BUT It looks like they turned a 6 year old loose with a black crayon to mark these blades. Is this a Genuine Personna lab Blue?
  8. ShaverAZ

    Why King C DE Will Fizzle in the USA

    Just saw the display at Walgreens yesterday: King C Gillette DE Razor $29.95 Tuck of 10 official King C blades $6 Official King C 5 blade cartridge razor: $9.99 Cartridge Refill: $9.99 $30 f0r a $9 razor - total $36 vs $20 for cart & refills They're not offering much incentive for a newbie...
  9. ShaverAZ

    Razor Blade Club

    I placed an order with them, then read around. Some say they're in Sweden, some say UK, or Germany. They take great pains to avoid mention of their location on their website. I was of the opinion that they shipped from the US.
  10. ShaverAZ


    I recently got a sample of an Oud shaving soap from a well-known Artisan soapmaker. She whipped up a batch to see if there was any interest. As 'Indigo Oud' , I found it almost addicting, but there's no more on hand (yet). I got some Oud/Agarwood oil and found that it, as many essential oils...
  11. ShaverAZ

    Not Sure What to Make of This

    Just finished shave#17 with a Lord Platinum. I never get more than 4-6 quality shaves with any blade, including previous Lords from this same tuck. I rotate soaps daily, as well as razors, so this blade has seen use in a bunch of Techs, 40's Super Speeds, New SC & LC's, and even Parker Semi...
  12. ShaverAZ

    Astra SP's Discontinued??

    I've read several comments, including one from a retailer, telling that Astra SP blades will be discontinued, to be replaced with Czech Tiger blades. Any verification that this is actually true?
  13. ShaverAZ

    Tribute to My Mom

    Just got my order of Stirling Soaps' Weekend In Malibu delivered today. My Mom has been gone for 10 years now, but the scent would be something she'd be enthralled with. When I was a kid in SoCal, Mom grew flowers in the borders surrounding the periphery of the back yard. Roses, Carnations...
  14. ShaverAZ

    Junk DE Double Blade Russkie "Military" Razors, Revisited

    Got 2 last year & after multiple shaves, wrote them off as worthless - both with the 2 blade spacer & with single blade. The blade clamps into the plastic Russian heads & profile is bowed & wavy on both. To call it a "Poor shave" is being highly generous. The knurled black plastic handle from...
  15. ShaverAZ

    Seasoning Your Suds

    On occasion I've had an excessive amount lather remaining after a shave, and held it over in a covered bowl, until the next day. I've also been sidetracked while whipping up a lather for the days' shave, only to return to it 1/2 to an hour afterward, to re whip it up to complete my shave. In...
  16. ShaverAZ

    Stropping a DE Blade

    In the past, I've regarded stropping a used DE blade just so much superflous BS, since they're cheap & I have enough of an inventory to last me the rest of my life. Then along came a couple of NOS L2 Datecode Gillette Thin Blades. All my shaves are usually with current production Stainless...
  17. ShaverAZ

    Excess Lather

    Ever wonder if there's any use for that almost full bowl of perfectly good lather remaining after a great shave, as you rinse it down the drain? I had just whipped up a blend of creams to see if I could improve on my Cremogena, and hit upon a fantastic blend. I had already shaved earlier in...
  18. ShaverAZ

    Coming Soon: "Repli-Speed"

    Just got the e-mail from Global Shave Club about an upcoming release of a new 1947 Superspeed clone. Pics didn't show the non-notched T-bar. Supposed to be brass & it's likely chrome plated instead of nickeled. They also tinkered with the blade gap. It costs more than an original, too. Wonder...
  19. ShaverAZ


    A Milord, maybe? Anyone know for certain? Hadn't seen one before, but put in an offer for it anyway. Are they worth anything?
  20. ShaverAZ

    Gillette Sheraton

    New to me - just arrived in todays' mail. Cleaned up some of the residue & corrosion, then took it for a shave using a 1X used Shark Chrome. It shaves differently than all of my other vintage Gillettes, either open comb or TTO. Seems like I had to ride the cap more than usual. It'll take a...
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