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  1. rs_776

    25% off Feather DE Razors at Jatai

  2. rs_776

    FS FSOT - Wade & Butcher 5/8 w/ Strop

    Up for sale is a Wade & Butcher 5/8 Hollow Ground SR w/ a barber notch and semi-smiling edge. It is shave ready, and includes a Fromm/Illinois 127 strop with both leather and linen Also includes mineral oil for storage. Asking $150 obo for the set, CONUS shipping included. Would consider...
  3. rs_776

    Hendrix Classics & Co - 15% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend 15% discount: SAVE15 https://hendrixclassics.com
  4. rs_776

    25% off Feather AS-D2 at Jatai

    Jatai is offering 25% off the Feather AS-D2 (with stand) and also including a free tube of their Shaving cream. Expires 10/14 https://www.jatai.net/product/feather-stainless-steel-double-edge-razor-with-stand-as-d2s/ Sent from my LM-V450 using Tapatalk
  5. rs_776

    Hendrix Classics & Co. Soap - Add Your Own Scent

    Greetings, all. I have recently discover the Hendrix Classics & Co (HC&C) system, which uses unscented soap (and balm), where you add the scent yourself via separately purchased scent oils. I did a quick search for previous threads on this system, and I was only able to find a thread about...
  6. rs_776

    Smallflower end of summer sale

    I got this link from the Sharpologist FB newsfeed. There are some pretty decent discounts on shaving items including hardware and software. https://www.smallflower.com/all-products/browse/LaborDaySale/Y Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  7. rs_776

    Q Brothers Hosting Wet Shaving Event in Chicago, IL - May 2

    For those who live in the Chicago area, I learned of this Q Brothers event from my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. I think I am literally the only one who bought a ticket so far. Kind of short notice I guess. Description Q Brothers After Hours: Beards, Mustaches, Cocktails & More Join TQ, JQ...
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