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  1. Brutus

    For my budget, shavette or straight?

    As someone who has straight razors, safety razors, and Feather Artist Club (AC) razors in the stable, I suggest to stay away from Feather Artist Clubs for a while. In my assessment, they are capable to deliver extremely close shaves, but they are more difficult to master than classic straight...
  2. Brutus

    Ralf Aust Website... Rückengravur?

    They do change alright. Just look at the last image, which shows the spine. If you alternate between “ohne Rückengravur“ and “mit Rückengravur” the last image (which shows the spine) will change. Try it...
  3. Brutus

    William's Mug...Here we go again... (Ongoing Review)

    To be frank, I am hard pressed to imagine that something new could be said about this consistently (under-)performing product that hasn’t been said many times before and - having seen the heated debates that this product can provoke - I would not even be averse to some fee (think dog tax)...
  4. Brutus

    MWF misunderstood?

    MWF is a demanding (meaning fussy) soap and requires several conditions to perform at its best. Among others, water hardness and regular use of the soap spring to mind. Even under ideal conditions it does, however, not perform better than other soaps and creams that I use and I am not prepared...
  5. Brutus

    Anyone NOT like Sandalwood?

    There is such a wide range of interpretations of the sandalwood scent available that answering your rather general question is near impossible. Some sandalwood products are quite nice and some are almost offensive. Regarding Proraso, it was such a long time that I used any of their products...
  6. Brutus

    horse hair brush

    If you have only used synthetic brushes so far, I would stay away from horse hair brushes, as they have significantly more issues than brushes that use other common natural fibres. If you do some research, you will find that horse hair brushes are noticeably more prone to shedding and hair loss...
  7. Brutus

    Thiers-Issard or Ralf Aust?

    Koraat makes fine razors, but - like some other big blade artisan brands - I don’t particularly care for them because of their unwieldy size. Some people get a kick out of big blades and I admit to galloping into that direction too in the early stages of my shaving career, but I soon settled on...
  8. Brutus

    Thiers-Issard or Ralf Aust?

    That pretty much sums it up for me too... Having said that, the largest group of razors in my collection are Austs, followed by Friodurs. On the French side, I own more vintage Grelots (the company was later absorbed into TI) than proper TI razors. While I have not seen this on any of my...
  9. Brutus

    Do some types of brushes shed more than others?

    After years of traditional wet-shaving and having owned a sizeable number of brushes with all kinds of hair, there seems to be sufficient evidence to me that a) horse hair brushes are more likely to shed than boar or badger hair, b) shaving brushes made by some (even very reputable) brands are...
  10. Brutus


    Researching zamak, you will come across references to zinc pest and comments that this was traced to impurities in early zinc die casting materials. Hence it is important that if you buy a razor that is made of zamak, you make sure it comes from a reputable manufacturer with tight quality...
  11. Brutus

    Multiple use of a blade in saltwater climates

    For straight razors, Ballistol (or Tuf-Glide, if you’re in the US) works very well. From my experience with (straight) razors, baby oil does not work that well, as it is too thick and leaves an uneven protective film behind. My own preference is Ballistol, available in 16 oz bottles and also...
  12. Brutus

    Palmolive Shaving Cream

    Palmolive shaving creams and sticks are available all over Europe, North Africa, Asia and probably a few more places (except North America it seems). In Europe the cream and stick sell for about $1.06 in drugstores and supermarkets. It is a good product but for some reason packaging and...
  13. Brutus

    O Melhor + Don Marco

    I just used O Melhor (translates as “The Best”) this morning, all on its own with no additives, and can’t complain about the lather. There is also a matching O Melhor aftershave available. Lavanda is another regular shaving cream and Eau de Cologne in my rotation, but my clear favourites from...
  14. Brutus

    dalli Kernseife

    Shaved with a Valobra soap once that was not described on the label as either shaving or bath soap. Writing to old Sr. Valobra he replied that it was a bath soap, but I had guessed that already based on the below average lathering qualities. Shaving or showering with Dalli laundry soap? I...
  15. Brutus

    Having trouble getting a good shave with SS razor

    Sorry to hear that... I have more than 20 Friodurs, including 472 versions, in my collection and they are all excellent shavers that I have no problems honing with my Naniwa and Gokumyo stones. I picked up one NOS Friodur with black scales once, likely from the era when Henckels was getting...
  16. Brutus

    Florena shaving cream

    You may have a point there. Next time in Germany, I might want to buy a tube of each to see which one is more deserving of the title. 😉 B.
  17. Brutus

    My Brand New SR Arrived Today - What Do I Do Next?

    Some people will tell you that Dovos leave the factory shave-ready and quote a video by a gentleman (merchant) who demonstrated a single pass shave with a factory-new Dovo after the the Dovo salesman had told him new Dovos left Solingen shave-ready. All I can say to that is that “sheave-ready”...
  18. Brutus

    Florena shaving cream

    Not so much... I have used it a few times, it worked well, but I didn’t care for the “wet cardboard” scent (which of course makes this a highly subjective assessment). Considering that Nivea is, like Florena, part of the Baiersdorf group and Florena is marketed as a low cost drugstore...
  19. Brutus

    Muhle Sea Buckthorn

    It’s a perfectly adequate soap, but not something “worth writing home about”. I have ordered Mühle soap sets on two occasions and in none of the cases I finished the pucks. It was not that the soap was not good, I just had too many soaps that were better and found myself reaching for Mühle...
  20. Brutus

    Italian Shaving Cream - Figaro

    Dirt cheap in Italy, typical almond scent, fairly soft (softer than Proraso) consistency, get’s the job done, but nothing that stands out. By European standards: fairly unremarkable. B.
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