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  1. DK207

    FS Wolfman WR2, Timeless stainless razors

    Hello gentlemen. I am selling the following razors. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Both come with original boxes and are in immaculate condition. Buy both and save $50. Thanks for your consideration. Note: Boba Fett not included (sorry). If these sell this morning I can get in...
  2. DK207

    WTB: polsilver blades

    I'm running low on one of my favorite blades. If anyone has a surplus on polsilver blades I'd love to grab some. Thanks gents.
  3. DK207

    FS: Paladin Chief butterscotch marble

    Folks- I was lucky enough to score 3 brushes on the last release. Thought about it, really only need 2. And another life event has come up. I got news that an old friend's daughter broke her leg recently, and was found to have a large tumor in her femur (osteosarcoma). This is a very bad...
  4. DK207

    Asylum Evolution review! Positive experience.

    Got this guy in the mail yesterday and had time to take for a test drive this morning before work. A little background. Been wet shaving with DE razors exclusively for about 6 years now. My other razors are Wolfman with standard blade gap, ATT R1 and S1, Timeless with .68 and .95 scalloped...
  5. DK207

    New Brush Day!

    Got my Wolf Whiskers (2 band badger in the black handle, silver tip in blue) and a Semogue Owner's Club 2012. I have another Semogue Owner's Club Cherry and got this one as a spare, I really like that brush. The Wolf Whiskers are top notch, great quality, knots feel great, price was super...
  6. DK207

    New stash of aftershaves

    Got a few Caties Bubbles aftershaves to pair with their soaps. Nice stuff as usual. Good scent, not overpowering. I do prefer the glass bottles that maggards and sterling use, though.
  7. DK207

    Soc ?

    I have a SOC badger that I love. Perfect in all aspects. I got the nod from Wolf Whiskers that my name came to the top of the wait list and I am picking my brushes. I'm modeling my order to mimic the SOC brush with regard to size etc. The question here is, is the SOC knot fan shaped or bulb...
  8. DK207

    Box o' aftershave arrived!

    Got in this lot of aftershaves to try out. Also some Thayer's witch hazel (original and lemon). Love the scents, think I'll use one of the Maggard tomorrow. Tried out the Proraso green tonight, I dig it and my 4 year old daughter does, too! :thumbup:
  9. DK207

    Cool vintage blade score

    Picked these up on ebay last night. No plans to use the blades, just thought it was a cool looking item.
  10. DK207

    UPS left me some good stuff!

    Went on a bit of a binge and now have some new creams to try. Should be a fun adventure.
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