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    I hope a good time was had by all... I was going to be there, but a friend ended up in the hospital with heart problems (and will be having surgery Monday).
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    April works best for me, the latter half of May I'm hugely busy with preps for our local Medieval Faire.
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    I'm coming from the Peninsula, so most anywhere in Seattle is equally inconvenient for me. :001_tongu But Third Place is a cool place, just make sure they don't have any events scheduled against our meetup - it can get pretty crowded when they do.
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    Maker's Mark Reverses Decision to Water Down Bourbon

    And after the furor dies down, go ahead and change anyhow.
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    Whisky Stones yea or nay?

    I have the soapstone ones... at first I loved them, but now I'm finding they leave an odd 'earthy/gritty' taste in my mouth... especially towards the end of a dram.
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    Woodworkers - what's on your bench today?

    The first stage of the mold and deckle is now complete, I'll pass it to the papermaker tomorrow for her part of the work, then it comes back to me for final assembly. Also, the guinea pig cage project is off the table... The pig we were looking at has behavioral issues, and after SWMBO and I...
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    New Omega Pure Boar Bristle - No smell?

    My new Semogue boar didn't have much scent to it either.... I guess it's like Turtle says, some people are more sensitive than others.
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    Post Your Pet

    That's one fine lookin' lady Max. Here's a recent pic of our girls; That's Rose in front, Sarah on left, and Molly in the back. More on our piggies at my Live Journal.
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    Anyone buy soaps off Etsy?

    I wonder if it would be worth it to get some of the Etsy folks to wander over here...
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    Red Hook Beer.

    Red Hook is pretty good stuff... and it can be a gateway drug to real microbrews.
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    Woodworkers - what's on your bench today?

    That's a sweet bookstand Infernal... Today, most of the day is mostly going to be spent in non (direct) project work... I need to re-arrange the shop after pulling out all my big tools yesterday, (I was in a hurry yesterday because the LOML and I had a date night last night). Then I have tear...
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    Woodworkers - what's on your bench today?

    On the workbench today - cut and mostly machined some mahogany for a mold and deckle frame that I'm making for a papermaking friend. I also did a trial assembly of an inkle loom that I'm making for the LOML. (Now if I could just find the router bit that I bought to cut the tension adjuster...
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    Found a old Bottle of Johnny Walker Red . any ideas?

    Boat anchor for a very small boat?
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    Howdy! Elde checking in from the Great Pacific Northwet. After seven years of caching, I've only got 250 caches, but I concentrate on quality over quantity. I use Garmin GPS Map 60 CSx, and we've gone paperless with the Geocaching iPhone app. (It really has changed our game for the better.)
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    Is anyone excited about the warmer weather to come? Any big plans?

    Well, there's the usual round of SCA events, plus we normally do quite a bit of geocaching too. The LOML is the boss accountant for a motorcycle/powersports dealership and warmer weather is their busy season, so it's very hard for her to get any significant time off. Our big trips are usually...
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    Razorock Classic

    Check out this thread - it works for bowl lathering as well: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/199887-My-lathering-technique-with-Italian-soft-soaps?highlight=Marco+Italian+soap
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    New shaving soap, how to get it in the bowl

    Why do you need to move it, rather than loading in the plastic and lathering in the bowl?
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    Are brushes supposed to do this?

    Just tried this method and... wow! Had some problems loading (it wanted to lather in the tub), so when I thought I had enough I took it to my lathering bowl and pretty quickly had mounds of good lather. The brush still got 'thick' (I should post a pic of what I mean), but was much more...
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    Are brushes supposed to do this?

    The lather is fine - it's the brush that's "thick and chunky" as the lather/soap builds up inside it when I'm lathering.
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    Long Term Brush Storage

    If the box isn't airtight, then a silica gel packet won't accomplish much. And not only are baggies not airtight over the long run, they can break down over time and gunk up whatever they're in contact with (especially the cheaper ones). When I was a bookseller, I saw way too many books...
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