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  1. J

    FSOT ATT SE1 w/blades

    Above The Tie SE1 Stainless w/Bamboo handle includes 19 Feather blades - for sale or trade. I actually acquired this pretty recently. I've had an infatuation with razors that use the Feather blades, but none of them have ever made me love them. I was hoping this would be different, but alas, it...
  2. J

    WTB - Cobra

    Forever hunting for one of these elusive razors. I'd prefer a King Cobra, but I would consider a Classic. I'm willing to overpay a reasonable amount. Let me know what you have, preferably with pictures and condition, and how much you want. Just looking to pay cash, don't have anything I'm...
  3. J

    Need helping finding a razor from 1928

    So nearly 2 months ago I lost my grandfather. I'd been helping care for him in his late years. We were not really close when I was young, but being somewhat of a caretaker for the last few years, we developed more of a relationship. We didn't really share anything special, he was a simple man...
  4. J

    Small Soap/Cream lot - Cella, T&H, AOS, Mike's

    I'm really trying to thin everything I have back, as it'll take years for me to go through all these soaps and creams. I'm cutting back to just a few soaps/creams that I'm going to try and finish before I acquire anything else. I'm asking $47 + 8 shipping - Total $55 shipped for the lot. CONUS...
  5. J

    WTS Soap/Cream lot

    I need to clear up some space and free up some cash, so here is my lot of varying soaps/creams. Price shipped CONUS $55 International shipping available at buyer's expense. A couple extras will be thrown in for no extra cost. MSRP for the lot = $160.42 MSRP considering the amount of product...
  6. J

    Feather AC SS and Soap/Cream lot for trade OR wtb Cobra

    Here goes my ridiculous long shot. Searching for unobtanium. I'd like to trade what I have, plus cash, for a Cobra Classic or King Cobra. I know, I know, how ridiculous because nobody ever sells these razors. I'd also consider just purchasing your razor if you aren't interested in what I have to...
  7. J

    Scalp Care

    I've been bald by choice 95% of the time for the last 13 years. I started shaving my head as a freshman in high school, and with the exception of a couple months here or there when I thought I'd see what I looked like with a couple inches of hair, I've been pretty close to bald the entire time...
  8. J

    Calico beard - what to do?

    My mixed heritage is wildly apparent in my beard. I keep it relatively short - 1/2" to 1" at the very longest. I've got mostly brown beard hair, but a good amount of red, blonde and even some black here and there. If I were to let it grow in and keep it long, I imagine it would look rather...
  9. J

    WTB goose

    Would really like to get my hands on one. Anyone not love theirs and want to let it go?
  10. J

    WTT Soap/cream lot for Feather or Mongoose

    I have a bunch of soaps and creams that just didn't play well with my skin or I didn't enjoy the scent. Also have an aftershave to go along with the lot. I don't want to hassle with the new marketplace, so I've decided to try and find someone to barter with! I REALLY want a Mongoose. I'd also...
  11. J

    ATT Colossus vs Weber Classic for R41 head

    I really like the head on the Muhle R41 I just bought, but the handle is awful. So smooth, there is nothing to grip. I want a long and heavy handle to attach to this thing. I've done some research and checked out an article on here, but I'd like first hand experience from people who like long...
  12. J

    Valobra? Cella? Something that smells like P.160

    I absolutely love the smell of RazoRock P.160. I am not a fan of the performance of the P.160 though. I've heard rave things about the both Valobra and Cella. I heard that the Valobra is a sweeter scent, which is what I like about the P.160. I'm also curious what it would take to maybe add...
  13. J

    Formulating my opinions

    I've been wet shaving with DE's and straights for about 6 months now. I'm going to use this as my sort of log to keep track of what I like, what I don't, and what I'm looking forward to. Hope it isn't a bother to anyone, and as always, I encourage response! I had always wanted to learn how to...
  14. J

    Sensitive nose - trying new soaps

    I've just recently picked up a handful of soaps off the BST in a bit of an AD bout. I read so many great things about all these soaps, so I've wanted to try them all. Thus far, I'm disappointing myself. Not because the soaps are lacking, but I'm overly sensitive to smells. Have been for as long...
  15. J

    New to the forum

    Read a thread here or there over the last few months but just signed up. I've just recently got into wet shaving and spend most of my time over on SRP. Figured I'd check in here since there is a more robust following on this website. Plus, I use both DE and straights, so this place fits a bit...
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