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  1. Villalobos

    Nice Gillette info

    Gillette case study-Why Innovation May Not Be Enough
  2. Villalobos

    Storing tobacco?

    I received 7, 2 oz. packs from online order. Don’t feel like transferring them all to jars at the moment. Will they be ok wrapped in the baggies, for short term. Also they fit perfectly in an old cigar box I have laying around. Thoughts?
  3. Villalobos

    A few weeks in....

    So, you probably know my story:) I started smoking a pipe a few weeks ago. Off to a great start! I started with a blend from our local pipe and cigar shop. Then picked up some Prince Albert. Then some master blend cherry from Walgreens. Finally some Carter Hall and Captain Black Royal. I ended...
  4. Villalobos

    Starting up...

    Plan on going to local tobacconist and starting a new hobby. I love to shave, write with fountain pens, sip good booze, listen to vinyl and read 20 minutes once or twice a day from an actual book:) I feel I am a keeper of traditions. I like to relax and keep my pace slow and steady. I purchased...
  5. Villalobos

    How long??? Pics please:)

    How long have you used the same razor? I have used the super 84, 1970 since 1985. Other razors have come and gone and stayed, but this one has been with me since the beginning. My grandfather taught me to shave and presented me this gently used razor when I was 15. I would love to hear some...
  6. Villalobos

    Gillette Blades

    Browsing Gillette’s website, as I sometimes do, noticed platinum plus is the only DE blade shown for sale. I know that there are more blades with Gillette brand on them. My question is, why don’t they list other choices? I could spend some time on google, but it’s more fun to ask here:)
  7. Villalobos

    A traveling journal!

    Some folks over at “The Nib” forum here at B&B have started a traveling journal. A chance to share some photos, stories, and handwriting. I don’t know how to post a link to the thread lol. So, if you’re interested in joining the fun, check out the details at “The Nib”. Thanks:)
  8. Villalobos

    Traveling journal

    Some folks over at “The Nib” forum here at B&B have started a traveling journal. A chance to share some photos, stories, and handwriting. I don’t know how to post a link to the thread lol. So, if you’re interested in joining the fun, check out the details at “The Nib”. Thanks:)
  9. Villalobos

    NOS super 84

    I have used a 1970 super 84, given to me by my grandfather in the mid ‘80’s. It was 14-15 years used when I got it and have used it almost every day since. I found an NOS 1969 super 84 on eBay within my means of purchase. I got it last night and cleaned and used this morning. It still had...
  10. Villalobos

    FS E 2 Fatboy, Genco and Slim

    Very nice $85 shipped CONUS Genco Henry’s X $40 shipped CONUS I-3 Slim $35 shipped CONUS
  11. Villalobos

    Vi-John/Italian Barber

    Italian barber emailed me with new products list, lots of good stuff. Particularly interesting are the Vi-John blades. I was hoping for Vi-John aftershave.
  12. Villalobos

    winner of the PIF-Huge instant shave den +1 other, Me

    So I won the huge PIF. I have used a feather blade from the PIF, I have used it in 3 handles. A ball end 3 piece, and red and blue tip. I experienced some weepers with the ball end and red tip. Though not a deal breaker on either, just an improvement in my technique with those razors is needed...
  13. Villalobos

    I love to shave....

    That’s all.
  14. Villalobos

    Ebarbershop not closing

    Seems they are back! Or still around, as they never technically shut down?
  15. Villalobos

    First World Problem

    So, my wife and I finally retired 2 of our 3 cars. We got years of service from both a 1998 Dodge Dakota, and a 2005 Subaru Impreza, combined mileage of 220,000. We still have our 2000 Suburban, with 237,000 miles. So to the point, we replaced both vehicles with 2015’s. Both have the push button...
  16. Villalobos

    Hard water update

    A little while back I posted about hard water and a faucet filter I bought from Amazon. My water is ran through a softener but still has mineral. Rusting the sink and leaving film on my shaving equipment. I had to change the filter and thought I would share the dramatic differences. I recommend...
  17. Villalobos

    Almost “All” Spice

    Had some almost empty bottles of Avon Spicy, modern P&G Old Spice, vintage Shulton and Family Dollar Spice. Mixed them all together. Created quite an essence.
  18. Villalobos

    Ebarbershop purchase

    I ordered some stuff from ebarbershop after getting the sad news of their pending closing. Ordered an O clone and some glass bottle aftershaves. I also speculate that some members of Badger&Blade have ordered as well. I will post my purchase when it arrives and ask that anyone that purchased...
  19. Villalobos

    Old Spice Help

    I found a bottle of new Old Spice at a surplus grocery for $1. Not a scent I hate but, but too sweet for me. Give me some ideas for a mix I might like with it. Thanks!
  20. Villalobos

    Avon Everest

    Pulled out the Everest after a long hiatus. Wow, what a great classic scent!! I know the Avon fans will weigh in. I don’t have the olfactory skills to discern the high’s low’s and mid’s. But I know I love it. It’s the one in the greyhound bus lol.
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